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Article: How to Clean And Care for Your Living Room Rug

How to Clean And Care for Your Living Room Rug

A living room rug makes for a stylish addition. Cleaning and caring for them, fortunately, isn’t challenging.

Any sort of wool rug or linen rug is built for wear-and-tear. After all, it’s a rug. It can take some abuse.

To keep a rug looking its best, upkeep takes more time than effort. Here are some things to remember on how to clean rugs.

Benefit of a Living Room Rug

A living room with cold tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring can feel impersonal and lack the warmth most desire.

A living room rug lays across whatever flooring type you have and sets a new tone. They’re welcoming to pets and young kids who enjoy sprawling themselves out on the floor. They also give you somewhere to put your toes that’s cushy and comfortable in comparison to what’s underneath it.

Benefit of Cleaning A Living Room Rug

Living room rugs are available in a variety of materials and colors, and come in a number of unique styles.

One of the most popular are wool rugs. The fibers of a wool rug are not the easiest to clean, however, when you don’t make any effort they simply accumulate dirt and debris.

In some cases, fully cleaning a rug and getting it totally tidy is near impossible. Clean it fairly regularly though and you can keep it looking amazing while prolonging its life.

How to Clean Rugs

First off, know what kind of rug you are working with. Every material is cleaned and cared for differently.

Even if a rug doesn’t appear dirty, it isn’t a sign that it doesn’t need a clean. Any rug for a living room can be deceptively dirty. Set a schedule and keep with it. Sometimes it’s going to be obvious. For example, a more colorful rug will require cleaning more often as debris can cause bright colors to fade. A naturally faded or distressed rug won’t show the same signs.

Linen rugs are a great choice for living rooms as they are a benchmark material. They’re very attractive, strong, and durable, though – like wool – can come at a hefty price tag. A homeowner’s search for a long-lasting rug, however, is over when they find a decent-quality linen rug.

  • Start by loosening the dirt. Take your rug outside. Hang it somewhere and beat the rug using a broom or something similar. Any dirt attached between the fibers will fall out, leaving behind a purer rug.
  • Afterward, leave your living room rug in the sun for 2-3 hours. The rays of the sun will eliminate bacteria and dust mites that may be thriving on your rug.
  • It’s recommended to vacuum an oft-used living room rug weekly. This will suction out anything that’s hanging onto those fibres. Please note, never use a beater bar or power head on a vacuum as this can tear out the strands of some rugs.
  • Occasionally, you may want to shampoo your living room rug by sprinkling it with absorbent, carpet-shampoo granules. Brush the granules into the rug using a vacuum’s cleaning head. Let it sit. Then, vacuum out the granules. The result will be a beautifully freshened rug.
  • With any sort of spills, soak them up immediately. This will avoid any risk of staining.
The best way to clean and care for a living room rug is to start with a high-quality material. Join others in searching out linen rugs and other home décor from ArtiPlanto. Find a match for your style!

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