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Article: 7 Affordable Places to Order Area Rugs That Look Stylish

7 Affordable Places to Order Area Rugs That Look Stylish

Why spend $100s on an area rug when you can get one for far, far cheaper without any compromise on quality – check it out.

The right area rug ties a room together, emphasizing warmth, texture, and personality. Like other home décor elements, the price of an area rug creeps up quickly. If you know where to look though, you can get a fair area rug on a tight budget. Here are the most affordable places to purchase yours.


ArtiPlanto is the ultimate source to buy area rugs from. The style and quality of their area rugs are excellent. It’s all good news, with no sacrifice on aesthetic. In fact, you’ll want to invite friends over, just to show off what you got going on.

Anyone on the hunt for an area rug is well recommended to start here and prioritize look and quality.


Walmart’s a very basic place to shop for home décor but their area rugs section is varied, impressive, and affordable.

If affordability is your main priority and you’re open to different area rug types, try a search at Walmart. You may be surprised by what you find, including a growing number of trendy collections.

Home Depot

Home Depot for rugs, you betcha! While picking up your next hardware sets, check out their furniture section to find more décor and rugs than we bet you knew existed.

The best area rug selection for Home Depot is found online. Browsing an expanded variety of affordable home décor rugs, there’s something here for everyone. Though Home Depot isn’t at the top of anybody’s list on where to buy rugs, they absolutely deserve their place on this list.


AllModern does one style – modern – but they do it exceptionally well. If your natural style is modern-contemporary, this is a treasure trove of an array of rugs that would suit any minimalist room.

AllModern also offers other home décor pieces that fit the modern-contemporary trend, something to consider if you’re shopping for more than just area rugs.


Wayfair has some stylish area rugs although at this point, you may be starting to see upticks in affordability.

Wayfair still has relatively cheap high-quality rugs, especially in comparison with similar-looking area rugs which can be purchased for upwards of $100s and sometimes $1,000s. Find your aesthetic and score big shopping online with Wayfair.


Naturally, Amazon’s a great place to shop for anything online because the variety of brands is unmatched.

Despite the ease of ordering, on the rug front, Amazon rugs don’t tend to be the most stylish. Quality also varies seller-by-seller. This means it could be a surprise when you buy a rug that isn’t made to last. Regardless, there are some popular Amazon-based rug brands – nuLOOM and Safavieh come to mind – that are well worth a look.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters have a very specific décor type. If you are familiar with Urban Outfitters as a brand, you may assume their rug selection to adopt an identical look – all generally, boho-patterned.

If that is your style though, wow, you’ve come to the right place! There are some really unique pieces in the Urban Outfitters collection and all for pretty reasonable prices.

Find affordable area rugs that you can order today at ArtiPlanto. Stylish, layered in style, and quality-made, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy a trendy area rug. Shop yours today.

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