Even expert-level home décor professionals can make the occasional mistake in designing furniture arrangements, area rug placements, and room configurations.

Creating the home of your dreams, no one can afford too many mistakes. This list of décor mistakes hopefully shines a light on some areas that may have gone unacknowledged or forgotten in your home design plan.


It is immensely easy to go over-budget buying home décor accents and furniture. Do some research beforehand, set a realistic budget, and tell yourself you’re not going to over it. It’s a terrible feeling when you find you’ve used up the whole of your budget and your home décor update isn’t done yet.


Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you need to use it. It’s your design! It should speak to the personality of the person or people using the space. Though trends are great for inspiration, redecorating, and updating, don’t forget to come up with your own home décor ideas.


There’s no rule that says everything has to match. Some may disagree but a lot of home décor designs come across as forced, with elements trying hard to align with one another but unfortunately coming up short. Don’t be fearful of small variances in texture, material, and color.

Scale Issues

A room is a certain size. The furniture has to match that size. Overly large furniture shouldn’t be fitted into a small room. Take scale into account. The same can be said with any home décor element, from area rugs to lighting.


You don’t want a room to come off like it’s been simply thrown together. There has got to be a theme of some kind that ties things together. This is where a set of décor or furniture set will have massive value.

Too Much Décor

A busy, overwhelming room filled with too much décor is not liked by anyone. Furniture and accents should always be used purposefully and sparingly, especially in small rooms, unless otherwise noted in your theme.


A room usually has some source of natural light. Don’t block it. Furthermore, any lights added shouldn’t conflict with natural light. Look at darker areas of the room. Consider ways to spruce them up. Some may add faux plants or other lively décor elements that really make a statement.

Walking Space

If you aren’t doing home décor designs every day, you may forget something very simple. A room’s got to have space to move and walk around in. Furniture has to be shaped and sized appropriately. People shouldn’t have to bend, dodge, and weave to get around, or in and out of the room.

Overthinking It

Someone who is always doubting their home décor decisions won’t be able to settle on an arrangement that meets their standard. Mistakes aside, decisions have to be made. When they aren’t, it wastes time. Even if you make dozens of mistakes or have to change things at a later time, the key is to not overthink it and be able to make a definitive call on what and where in home décor.

Make your home décor count. Learn from mistakes. Create something that speaks to you. ArtiPlanto is filled with home décor inspiration, with hundreds of artificial plants, area rugs, and invention options for every room in the house. Visit us today.
andrew lu