Most of us have an innate want to be around nature. When we are around nature, we feel somehow happier and calmer and more productive. This isn’t just a perception. This is measurable. 

Study after study has shown us that plants can have a major impact on office productivity in California and elsewhere.

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Here are some of the most important benefits to faux plants in an office in California.

They’re Great Décor

On look alone, faux plants are fun, vibrant, green, and give the appearance of an office that’s engaged. They’re an excellent office décor option and one that’s sure to attract people who adore nature.

Guests Will Love Them

If you regularly have customers, clients, partners, or people coming in – even employees – a workplace design with fake plants looks more attractive. Combine these with other natural elements, a la stone and wood, and you can craft a really warm, inviting look for your company.

Plants Increase Productivity

Whether you have a work-from-home setup or work in a public office in California, fake plants increase productivity on average 15-17%. A single small tabletop artificial plant on a desktop improves memory retention and helps employees score high on a range of focus and concentration testing. If you want to get the most from your workforce, plants are a smart investment.

They Can Reduce Noise

If you have enough plants, they act as a way to diffuse sound waves and help bring down the noise that gets transferred from one room to the next.

They Make You Different

Even though a lot of offices are buying fake plants online these days, there are so many unique ways to style them that you can come up with a real special and different look for your office setting. Especially if you decide to add other non-traditional décor to your office, it can help humanize a space that is otherwise perceived as cold and profit-driven.

Increase Problem-Solving Capability

A recent report from 2015 notes people who work around natural elements, including artificial plants, tend to score higher on creativity testing and problem-solving. In a business setting, problem-solving is a part of many roles, from entry-level customer service up to the highest management levels.

Reduce Workplace Anxiety

It’s no secret that artificial plants reduce anxiety. As they relate to a workplace, a 2010 study conducted at the Sydney University of Technology found the following results when faux plants entered an office.

  • 37% decrease in tension and anxiety among workers.
  • 58% decrease in depression among workers.
  • 44% decrease in anger among workers.
  • 38% decrease in fatigue.

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    Andrew Lu