The best way to decorate in a room where there is no space is to use the space you got. It’s straightforward advice but it’s true. Stand in the center and look around. If you don’t see availability for a large tree, indoor garden, or even a tabletop plant, try a hanging plant instead.

What’s A Hanging Plant?

A hanging plant is a plant that takes up space vertically, mounted from the ceiling or wall.

Comparatively, a floor plant uses your floor and a tabletop plant your table. A hanging plant suspends itself in air by hook which takes it out of the way of the room and allows even the miniaturist of spaces the chance to have plants.

Why Have Plants At All?

Plants are a wonderful way to rack up some charm in your space and boast some real advantages.

Plants freshen up a room, reduce stress or anxiety, and can make work-from-home shifts much more enjoyable. Some research suggests productivity increases by as much as 15% with a plant regardless of whether the plant is real or artificial.

What Are the Benefits of A Hanging Plant?

  • You can have a hanging plant even if you’re limited on space.
  • An artificial hanging plant contributes no clutter to the room.
  • Keep your plant out of reach from pets and young children.
  • A faux hanging plant will outlast a real hanging plant, opening up the possibilities in terms of what plants you can have.

How Do You Hang A Hanging Plant?

Drill a hole into your ceiling or wall. Place a hook. On that hook, hang your hanging plant. It’s a very easy install!

Naturally, you want to ensure you have the permission of the landlord or own the property prior to doing any sort of drilling. Obviously, this leaves a permanent mark. Another option is to use command ceiling hooks from Amazon or similar hooks that are unlikely to leave behind any damage. You may want to try an over-the-door hook or something like this as well.

What Kind of Plants Can I Use For Hanging Plants?

Hanging plants can be almost anything, i.e. plants, flowers, herbs, succulents, or more. The best hanging plants are those that can survive the conditions. Low light. Minimal watering. Ideally, search out a plant that is borderline un-killable for the best result when it comes to a hanging plant.

An alternative, of course, is a fake hanging plant which can be almost any type of plant your heart desires.

How Do I Arrange Hanging Plants in Home Décor?

The only rule to follow with hanging plants is to install them in a way that seems visually intentional. Hanging plants may overflow, grow, or may generally appear quite chaotic. How they are arranged matters.

  • The most common hanging plant home décor choice is to install a single plant and no others.
  • Have two hanging plants, either positioned together as a couple or symmetrically apart.
  • Use four or five hanging plants, arranged in a triangle, half-circle, in a line, or clustered together.

  • This is just the start to understanding how you can use hanging plants indoors and create a ceiling garden even with no space. Buy faux hanging plants and artificial garden plants online from Artiplanto today.
    Andrew Lu