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Article: Want to Increase Your Work Productivity At Home – Here’s the One Thing You Need

Want to Increase Your Work Productivity At Home – Here’s the One Thing You Need

Work-from-home trends and how to increase productivity have been talked about a lot in the past year and understandably so. A record number of people are working from home, some struggling to produce in the same way they did in the office. Here is the one thing that can probably help.

Do You Need An Office Plant?

It is a scientific fact that workplaces with a view of nature have higher productivity and concentration among workers. Workplaces with open windows and sunlight boast the same productivity boosts.

It is also a scientific fact that workplaces without a view of nature tend to be less productive, show lower concentration, and even accumulate more sick days. In fact, sick rates go up on average 6.5% when there isn’t some form of nature in the near vicinity.

Now that you’re working from home, doesn’t it make sense to consider buying an office plant online – hear us out.

  • More productivity.
  • More concentration.
  • More happiness.
  • Less stress.

  • How Does An Office Plant Make Me Less Stressed?

    Plants represent a cycling of nature. They take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They provide us with fresh air, fruit, and veggies. They are an essential to keeping the planet habitable. On top of that, people like plants!

    There is an organic pull to biology and plants. Thousands of years ago, they were a part of our outdoor home. Over time, we’ve gradually moved indoors. The need for outdoors, however, is prominent to this day. We know this because as we put human beings into nature, we see decreased anxiety, lower heart rates, lower concentrates of cortisol, and positive changes in nerve activity.

    Did you know a 2015 report concluded more than 97% of employees want more plants around them. When asked why, the majority of the participants in this study said plants made them relaxed. This isn’t relaxing to the point of sleep but relaxing as in ‘less stress’.

    The right artificial plants for your office can improve office image for employees and customers alike. As you work from home, you can improve perceptions by adding a plant in your background during a Zoom call.

    When searching for things on how we can make an office space at home less stressful and personalized, plants are an easy answer. They aren’t overly personal but are still custom enough to make it feel like you’re enjoying having them around.

    What’s the Best Office Plant to Start With?

    There is no specific study suggesting one plant is better than another plant in an office for productivity, stress management, and mental health benefits. An artificial dracaena tree plant can be just as effective as a fiddle leaf, snake plant, fern, palm tree, or anything else.

    Ultimately, it’s up to you as to what you want to buy for yourself and what speaks to your personality. Regardless of whether it’s a real plant or an artificial plant, the benefits are similar. Don’t hesitate to measure your productivity before you put in a plant and then, after. You may be surprised by the positive difference it makes.

    Shop a myriad of premium artificial plants from Artiplanto. Find the look you want. You can’t go wrong with a long-lasting faux plant that will always look its best.

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