What’s the most popular artificial houseplant in 2021 for millennials and homeowners alike – among several possible answers is the tropical favorite that is the fiddle leaf fig. Here are nine things about artificial fiddle leaf fig plants that you might not already know.

You Can Fake the Look Of A Fiddle Leaf Plant Easily

So long as you’re buying a high-quality fake fiddle leaf plant, you can pull off a realistic-looking faux plant rather easily. It all comes down to the materials used and the attention to detail in design.

You Can Shape A Fake Plant However You Like

A real plant doesn’t give you many options in terms of its shape. A faux plant, however, is bendable and can be molded into the exact shape you want.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Plants Are Easier Than Growing Your Own

To grow your own fiddle leaf fig tree, you need a tip cutting attached to a leaf. It’s a long and tedious process attempting to grow a fiddle leaf fig tree from scratch. A faux plant is easily managed.

You Aren’t Going to Kill A Faux Plant

A real fiddle leaf plant demands a lot. They don’t like cold temperatures or wind. They don’t want soil that’s too wet but also can’t live in soil too dry. They can’t be in a lot of sun but if they don’t have enough, they can also die. There’s a long list of things you have to do to maintain a real fiddle leaf plant. None of that’s the case with an artificial plant, thankfully!

An Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant Will Never Look Like It’s Dying

We have all seen those sad-looking, weak plants that aren’t yet fully dead but are on their way there. An artificial fiddle leaf plant has only one real threat and that’s dust. If you dust your fake plant now and again, it’ll always be kept looking fresh, lively, and colorful.

You Can Buy A Faux Fiddle Leaf Plant Cheap Online

Cheap faux fiddle leaf plants or cheap faux plants of any kind should be avoided. They often resemble something very manufactured and fake. For long-term use of a plant, find premium artificial plants from sources like Artiplanto and others.

Real Fiddle Leaf Plants Can Outgrow Your Home

The reward for keeping a real plant happy is growth. That’s usually not a problem… until your plant’s 10 feet tall and still growing. An artificial fiddle leaf plant is a defined height. It won’t someday be larger than what your home allows.

There Are Tiny Fiddle Leaf Plants, They Aren’t All Big And Tall

You can buy faux fiddle leaf plants online in all sorts of sizes. There are tabletop-sized versions perfect for any work-from-home office, kitchen, or dining room table, or to nestle in alongside plants you already have.

You Can Move it Wherever You Like

A fiddle leaf plant that’s artificial can be put anywhere and it’ll never weaken. Put it in a basement, dark corner, somewhere too hot, somewhere too cold, etc. It doesn’t matter! The beauty of fake plants is, well, their beauty is consistent.

Don’t grow your own. Buy your own instead. Provide your room with a centerpiece of a faux plant! Shop artificial fiddle leaf plants and life-like faux fiddle leaf trees in all shapes and sizes at Artiplanto.

Andrew Lu