Leaving your plant in its original planter may be convenient but it’s a home décor no-no for condo-dwellers.

In a condo, you don’t have a tremendous amount of space. Even a two-bedroom condo apartment is tight, especially in major cities like New York or Toronto. Every inch is a chance to dress up the place and give it a little personality.

Whether you have an artificial indoor plant for condos or are enjoying the real thing, it’s an important decision selecting a planter to match.

Here are 7 cute planters condo-ready to maximize space and beautify your home with eco-friendly design work.

Silver or Golden Brass Floor Planter

For a nice luxe look, a reflective silver or golden brass planter helps to move light in the room, drawing in the eye on the plant it holds as well.

If a planter is thought as of a plant’s outfit, you don’t get a nicer-looking plant than one that’s wrapped in a healthy gold or silver. Select the right surface to match what you’ve already got going on in your condo.

Round Cement Planter

Cement is heavy-duty. It’s a great material to form a planter from. A round cement planter provides an anchor to larger plants or plants that are put in tough-to-manage conditions, i.e. outdoors.

Just as vital as having a watering schedule written up for your favourite photosynthesizing plant friend is ensuring the right planter is in place for not only the aesthetic but also function. See cement planters in all sorts of colors and shapes at ArtiPlanto.

Bamboo Mushroom Planter

Mushroom planters provide a large opening on their top half and half the width in the lower portion.

Being the stellar home décor stylist you are, selecting a planter like this can contribute a lot to condo design. Mushroom planters are great for standalone indoor plants, giving them an eye-catching container in which they can be nurtured.

Seagrass Planter

A seagrass planter is made from all-natural material that can be combined with any fake plant.

Seagrass delivers something outstanding décor-wise. Seagrass can also be dressed in very subdued colors or presented plain. The drawback with seagrass is that moisture can degrade material like this slowly over time so it is something to watch for for real plants.

Black Planter with Hairpin Legs

Hairpin legs have a fine modern-minimalist look and are one of the most popular planters for condos.

For plants you really want to give their own presentation to, this black planter with hairpin legs meets the standard. Set it up in a corner, beside a couch or chair, or use it to help emphasize window scenes.

Mid-Century Brass on Wood Legs

A mid-century brass planter on wood legs blends in a mix of aesthetics, pulling from ancient cultures oceans away with a little modern-contemporary styling. The lifting from the wood leg helps to avoid the look of a bulky planter.

This is a great brass planter for any plant parent who wants to keep things bright, reflective, and golden.

Seagrass Basket with Pompoms

For something that ups the ‘cute’ an all-natural seagrass basket with pompoms is a millennial’s dream.

Match this basket to your favourite artificial plant and you won’t have to worry about plant growth, drainage, or degradation of the material. There are so many different pots, planters, baskets, and containers out there. We’d be remiss not to include this one on the list.

Redesign your condo with your favourite plant in a cute eco-friendly planter. Scroll through the selection at ArtiPlanto and see what’s available for delivery today!

andrew lu