To grow real plants, hey, it’s not always easy. Even the best plant caretakers will have greenery that fail them. It takes talent and interest to take care of plants, sure. It’s also a question of time and patience. This is why a lot of us prefer faux plants instead. In fact, many won’t consider anything else.

Artificial plants don’t need water. They don’t need the sun, a specific temperature, or a certain type of soil to thrive. They’re not organic so they don’t attract bugs and pests, and unlike houseplants, fake plants are non-toxic. Look up the hashtags on Instagram and you’ll see hundreds of thousands of posts about artificial greenery.

Embracing faux plants as essential home décor, there are dozens of ways to use them for decorating.

Planters, Pots, And More

The planter, pot, or container you put your artificial plant in can change everything about its aesthetic. You can toy with this by using brass, glass, metal, cement, seagrass, or making a container for plants out of what you have around the house.

Large Artificial Trees

No one expects to walk into a room with a tree. A large faux tree, such as a palm tree or fiddle leaf tree, can be eye-catching and so pretty. They’re perfect for a gathering space or public seating, such as a dining room or outdoors on a deck during summer.

Hang Your Faux Plants

Real hanging plants are notoriously difficult to maintain due to the need for light and water. Artificial plants eliminate that need, opening up the possibility of being able to hang plants in planters and crafting décor that comes down from the ceiling.

Add Artistic Materials

Although the rule of thumb with premium fake plants is to always present them as real, a slight adjustment to that can mean adding artistic materials to the presentation. Here are some suggestions:

  • Adding an electric-powered waterfall.
  • Hanging lightweight ornaments down from faux branches.
  • Incorporating lighting in interesting ways, i.e. overhead or underneath.
  • Use mirrors or other materials to craft a one-of-a-kind DIY backdrop to set your plants in front of.
  • Decorating a planter with wood chips, moss, grasses, small pieces of reflective glass, carefully sorted metals, and the like.

Create Plant Clusters

For plant lovers, they may want multiple fake plants, all different varieties, and use them at different heights and sizes to create something unique. You can create clusters in the same container or position faux plants separately in vases, planters, baskets, or even buckets.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plants

Unlike your typical mix of artificial plants, faux boxwood topiary plants have a lot of visual movement to them. Topiary plants can look beautiful outdoors on a deck or patio or can be positioned in a corner of the house in need. They’re an underrated category of premium artificial plants.

You need to see these trendy gorgeous faux plants in-person. Check them out today at and order your favourites. If you think fake plants could be a natural addition to your home décor, it’s not hard to see why. With so many decorating possibilities, have your household feeling more lively and vibrant with a premium artificial plant courtesy of
Pedro Capitao de Salles