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Article: How Do I Use Potted Boxwood Plants?

How Do I Use Potted Boxwood Plants?

How Do I Use Potted Boxwood Plants?

A potted boxwood plant works well in both home décor and yard landscaping. There is a multitude of ways to use them. An artificial boxwood topiary plant does not need any maintenance and is often preferred over the real thing. Also, once shaped, they should maintain their look indefinitely year-round, through summer, fall, winter, and spring.

How you use a potted boxwood plant will vary according to your property and what you want your plant for.

Type Of Planter

The planter or container you choose to pot your boxwood plant in will dictate a lot about its presentation. A colorful planter can be overly distracting, unless it really suits a purpose. A more subdued and minimalist planter is often preferred. Ultimately, it is up to you as to what your preference is.

Size Of Planter Doesn’t Matter

If you have a faux boxwood plant, there’s no worrying about planter size so much as your plant doesn’t have the wide-reaching, shallow roots that a real boxwood would. A lot of the normal considerations that would have to be made to accommodate the growth of a real boxwood don’t factor in, understandably, with artificial plants.

Don’t Worry About Cold Weather

Cold weather and snow aren’t going to phase a potted boxwood plant. You can let snow accumulate on top and let the plant freeze over, and there shouldn’t be very much issue. That aside, taking your artificial potted boxwood inside is another option. If you can, it’s generally recommended to do so in order to save exposure to the elements.

Accentuate Your Yard, Garden, Or Gate

A potted boxwood plant can be as much an accent as it is a centerpiece. Use them to mark a garden, an entryway, a yard, or a gate. There are lots of ways to use multiples to emphasize a pathway or to draw attention to a specific part of your garden, with most people opting for spaced-apart lines.

Have A More State Entryway

Place a potted boxwood on either side of your front door. This creates a welcoming entrance display. If you are going to use potted boxwood plants, this is what most people pot their boxwoods for. The result is a very stately, attractive entrance. You can even decorate around them with real plants or faux plants in smaller planters.

Brighten Up Your Corners

Corners of your yard, deck, or garden may be a little empty or lacking something special. Try potted boxwood plants in these areas, shaping them carefully to both draw attention and create a clear border where you need them to be. A single boxwood, a couple, or trio all work well in this setting.

Decorate With Lights And Ornaments

The full and large bushy nature of potted boxwood plants means there are lots of ways to decorate with lights and ornaments. Come winter, this is a great way to add some holiday cheer to the yard. During the warmer months, of course, it’s a nice way to add mood lighting for gatherings and outdoor hangouts. offers premium artificial plants, including artificial boxwood topiary plants in a variety of different shapes. Perfect for indoors and outdoors, find your favourite faux potted boxwood plants to have on your property today.

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