How to clean your fake plants professionally ?

Plants are an excellent way to make our surroundings look lush green on the eye and purify the air we breathe. However real plants demand a lot of time and not all of us can accommodate them in our busy schedules; so faux plants are a great alternative. 

Fake plants are becoming the preferred choice as they are cost-effective, convenient and easy to decorate as you can clean them by regularly dusting the dirt that accumulates over time. Read on to find some of the best ways to clean fake plants like a professional with a few simple steps. 

Prepare the tools needed for cleaning fake plants. Get the feather duster, dry cloths, water and Windex with ammonia D. The materials must be ready beforehand.


Using a feather duster, dust the fake plants to remove dust and other loose dirt. When dusting, make sure that you reach every nook and cranny of the fake plant — starting from the stem to all the intricately detailed leaves, flowers. 

Wipe down

Sometimes, dusting is not enough to remove all the dust so using a dry cloth to wipe the clinging dust or dirt from the fake plant is a great alternative. This method also helps to ensure that there is no dust left and sometimes if needed use a hose or bucket to remove the remaining dust and dirt.

Spray treatment

Spraying an artificial plant with Windex or cleaning sprays that contain Ammonia D is a great way to clean fake plants, as this will also help protect the plant and maintain its original vibrant colours. Just be careful and do not leave plants under sunlight if you do spray them as sometimes they may get too hot under the sunlight and damage may be caused in their appearance. 

Cleaning a fake plant may seem like a daunting task at first, however when you do it as a regular or routine practice it will just seem like a natural task which will help you protect the appearance of your plants long term. Chemicals may seem like a quick fix but always be mindful that they will have far more damaging effects in the long term so far as possible limit the use of harsh chemicals.  

Avoid using harsh chemicals and products when cleaning so that it would not be damaged. Keep the plants in a safe area so that it won’t cause any problems in the environment.

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