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Article: Home Décor Tips To Add Texture To Every Room With Fake Plants And Greenery

Home Décor Tips To Add Texture To Every Room With Fake Plants And Greenery

Home Décor Tips To Add Texture To Every Room With Fake Plants And Greenery

The visual texture of a room matters. How furniture is laid out. The accents spread throughout. The colors at play. How natural lighting fills the space. These are all components of a room that communicates what the aesthetic is all about.


Among trendy home décor accessories are faux plants. There are a mix of artificial plant examples one can give, from small tabletop faux succulents to large artificial palm trees that spread their branches almost from wall to wall. They can be used in master bedrooms and bathrooms, living rooms, entryways, and even outdoors.


Here are some of the ways you can add texture to your home décor aesthetic with premium artificial plants.


Beside Seating


A natural place to put faux plants is near seating. This is for two reasons. The first is they fit nicely inside these areas which are traditionally hard to fill. Secondly, especially with large artificial greenery, it attracts the eye.


Fit It One Plant


If you’re not a plant person, that’s okay. Not everyone is. You can still use a fake plant in select spots and make a room feel more lively. A plant on a work table, a kitchen countertop, or a bedside table is simple to fit in and work into your home décor aesthetic.


Fill Those Empty Corners


Take a large premium faux palm tree or a similarly sized large artificial plant and place it in a corner that is otherwise empty. This is done in offices and public settings frequently. Make those dark corners into something expressive with the right fake plant.


Tag Your Plant With Mirrors


Set your faux plants in front of a mirror. You will notice how this works if you place your plants in a bathroom in front of your countertop mirror. A mirror creates an illusion of more light and more plant. It helps to brighten the room.


Use Greenery In Unexpected Ways


You don’t need to opt for the usual when it comes to plants. There are all types of faux plants, including succulents, hanging plants, bouquets and flower arrangements, artificial boxwood topiary plants, and more. Try to find something that truly speaks to you.


Bench Along The Windowsill


If you do not have a windowsill to place fake plants on, you can put them on a side table or a bench in front of the window. The result is a very realistic plants display that creates some very beautiful and luxurious shapes and shadows in the room.


Minimalism Lets It Breathe


Minimalism is a strong influence in home décor. As it should be. When you space out décor essentials, they make more of a visual impact. You don’t need a lot of artificial plants to make a space feel textured, luxurious, and green. 


Combine With Other Natural Materials


What you will discover is that plants look great in modern-minimalist home décor with select natural materials also in the room. Things like faux fur, wood pieces, and stone pieces can all be sleek and trendy.


This is a little of what many do to highlight their premium fake plants in their home decor from Find a stimulating, textured green artificial plant from and incorporate a new home décor element into your space.

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