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Article: Best Cement Planters in 2021

Best Cement Planters in 2021

There is nothing better than a cement planter to carry your plant through summer, fall, winter, spring, and back again. Concrete is sturdy and stable. It is weather-resistant compared to other materials. It also looks exquisite aged.

Are you looking for a cement planter for your houseplant or outdoor deck garden – check out these!

Rovos Cement Planter

The Rovos Cement Planter is striped in black, very stylish, and perfect for any avant-garde or mid-century rooms. A truly gorgeous planter that aligns a love of plants with aesthetics, this is a beguiling choice for any houseplant to sit in.

Cairo Cement Planter

The Cairo cement planter is split white and black, with hand-painted black dots surrounding the mid-perimeter. As one of the quirkier designs yet still traditional cement-esque, you can rest assured your plants will be kept safe and healthy in a modern-minimalist cement planter like this.

Malaga Cement Planter

The Malaga cement planter resembles almost like a painted space rock or something otherworldly. With its unique tones of beiges and blues, it’s anything but traditional. For those seeking a planter that’s a little different, the Malaga is as sturdy as anything and is thoroughly strange.

Merida Round Cement Planter

The Merida round cement planter is oval-shaped with a round middle and small opening at the top. For tall trees and houseplants with a lot of height and requiring a stable base, the Merida’s first-choice.

Vela Cement Rock Planter

The Vela cement rock planter is a one-of-a-kind piece, with impressionist-esque imperfections dominating the outside. If you don’t like the smooth, manicured look, the Vela is the alternative. Eschewing color for texture, the unique shape of this planter is what avid artistic gardeners are chasing.

Boni White Mid-Century Cement Planter

The Boni white mid-century cement planter is one of several trendy ways to combine wood and cement. If you are really looking for slick, minimalist style above all else, this planter’s got it all. Search out the size you want and go for it.

Ziva Grey Cement Planter

The Ziva grey cement planter has a slight rose tinge to it, giving it a slightly worn, faded, and uniquely handmade look. If you enjoy reds and rose pinks, this homegrown cement planter will easily fit in with any wall, room, or home adopting this aesthetic.

Camilo Glazed Planter

The Camilo glazed planter is a faded, artistic planter with a split white and terracotta-like shade mix. For first-time plant parents, this simplistic glazed planter is something you can hold and have atop any table, floor, deck, or base, and enjoy it for its stability as well as its design. Available in various sizes.

Coco Sandy Cement Planter

The Coco cement planter utilizes rope stylishly tied across its upper half in an x-style formation. Adding another material to your cement planter like this comes across in the aesthetic and doesn’t distract from the function of the cement. If you don’t want a strictly plain look to your planter, finding ways to accessorize it like the Coco is a fine approach. carries all these cement planters and more. Search out your favourites, with shipping available countrywide in Canada and the US. Visit to give your plant something elegant, eye-catching, and stable to call their home.

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