Every season is an opportunity to redesign your home décor and craft a whole new aesthetic inside and out. As we roll into the warm temperatures of spring, this is a season for growth with Easter ahead and the summer not long around the corner. In this guide, we take a look at the potted artificial plants most appropriate for the season and also dive a little bit into how to use them.

Artificial Plants For Spring

Spring is a celebratory season. It’s the end of the colds of winter and with that comes very vibrant artificial plants.

When spring hits, most people want to focus on lots of color such as faux flower bouquets and faux wreaths. A great choice! Come later in the season, you may want to pull out some deep green plants and/or make your own artificial plant arrangements to hint at the transition into summer. 

Take spring as the time of year when you declutter, get rid of the old, and move in new and inspiring home décor that says something to you. If it doesn’t inspire joy, cut it! Find a plant that matches that.

Artificial Plants For Summer

In summer, it’s hot, trendy weather that makes certain days feel like you’re living a tropical vacation.

You can opt to go any number of ways during summer with a premium artificial plants collection. Classic houseplants. Tropical artificial palm trees and plants. Dry, desert-like succulents. During summer, it’s open season for whichever home décor aesthetic you want.

This time of year is also common for certain occasions, i.e. weddings, graduations, work teambuilding exercises, family reunions, etc. If you have the fortune of decorating for an event, this may also be something to keep in mind as you’re searching for the best artificial plants.

Artificial Plants For Fall

While spring has a lot of lightness to it in terms of plants and colors, fall is all about slightly darker tones. The colors of autumn are majestic to observe outside, if you live rurally or with an abundance of trees.

How you duplicate that same feel with artificial plants is easy. Try to find realistic artificial fall wreaths, artificial trees, and other fake plants that mimic the colors of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and before winter.

You can also take older faux plants or artificial plants you already have and redecorate by purchasing a new planter, adding in new surface décor, or surrounding them with fall décor materials.

Artificial Plants For Winter

Winter is a tricky season as so much in the plant world has died and goes into hibernation. While the holidays come and go, and holiday artificial plants do exist, if your budget is limited, find premium fake plants that will take you the distance from December through to March.

This season is a popular time of year where people attach themselves to tropical faux plants or décor that reminds them of somewhere warm and relaxing.

This is all for after Christmas, of course. Throughout the holiday season, wreaths, garlands, evergreens, artificial potted flower arrangements, and fake Christmas trees are all areas to focus on.

For the best faux plants year-round, visit Artiplanto.com. Realistic-looking, handmade artificial plants are here, from tabletop faux plants to large faux palm trees, hanging plants, faux flower bouquets, and more. It’s all here at Artiplanto.com.
Pedro Capitao de Salles