Some things never change in home office décor but some things do. As COVID-19 has driven more people to work from home, here are some décor trends in 2021 to look out for when redesigning your home office.

Creativity in Shapes

No matter what work you do, a little creativity in the room goes a long way in keeping things interesting.

Even if creativity comes nowhere near your work, put in décor that touches your creative side.

Minimalist Décor

For over a decade, minimalism has reigned supreme in home office décor. It is still the guiding trend.

Keep a well-decorated interior clean and tidy, with elements spaced out and arranged in a sparse arrangement. Restrict yourself to the bare necessities.

Break Spot

A corporate workplace has a break room. Why shouldn’t yours – make it so! Breaks are an important part of the day-to-day. They help to break up the monotony, give you some quick coffee or a bite to eat, and recharge your batteries.

Somewhere in the vicinity of your office, having a little break spot with some snacks and a coffee machine can mean a world of difference.

Enhanced Functionality

Every home office has to have some basic functions met. From seat to desk and beyond, functionality in a home office matters.

Make a list of what you need your office to be and/or accomplish. Improving work-from-home performance can be as simple as a few simple accessories.

Inspire Yourself

It’s hard being in a work-from-home situation with no access to co-workers or socialization. Inspiration matters even more.

From motivational posters to quotes, imagery, and music, we motivate ourselves in all sorts of ways. Keep yourself focused with inspirational work-from-home décor.

Bring the ‘Outside’ In

Tear down what’s isolating you from the real world. Open the curtains and let the natural light indoors. Use an essential oil diffuser to fill the air with productivity-motivating scents like peppermint. Consider an indoor garden with fake plants spread across a few planters.

The outdoors can help relieve stress and anxiety, keep you positive, and also add in some nice all-natural colors.

No Distractions

In 2020, a lot of work-from-home offices were improvised and makeshift.

In 2021, home office décor is intentional and professional. Limit distractions. Remove all that isn’t work-related. No distracting media, books, clutter, or personal items. A home office should be strictly ‘office’ in its theme.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Find eco-friendly office décor, like natural planters, artificial plants, and rugs. A few simple environmentally-sustainable office and décor accessories make a big impact, and have a positive mental health impact as well.

Eco-friendly plants and related décor have been proven to help with problem-solving, boost morale, and convey quality and class.

New Coat of Paint

It might sound silly but a new coat of paint goes a long way in making an office feel uniquely yours.

Regardless of whether your office is small or large, in a rental or in a home you own, by selecting a new color you instantly dress the room in a tone that fits you.

Despite what’s trendy or not, remember that your home office is yours. Make it so! Comfortable work-from-home décor stimulates the mind and locks you into ‘work mode’. Personalize your home office with fake plants, office area rugs, and planters and hanging baskets from ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu