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Article: Indoor Garden Layout Mistakes to Avoid With Fake Plants

Indoor Garden Layout Mistakes to Avoid With Fake Plants

Indoor garden layout planning is important. With expert gardeners, every move they make is intentional. From where plants are placed to the overall décor theme, there are no mistakes in achieving the right layout.

In this article, we examine common indoor garden layout mistakes that can be avoided with artificial plants and careful placement.

Strictly Plants

A garden of strictly plants can appear surprisingly boring. Incorporate some décor elements. A gentle stream of water is a trendy way to elevate the layout of an indoor garden. A more affordable approach is to lay out some rocks, fake grasses and moss, pieces of wood, or similar natural elements. 

Too Much Décor

Some indoor gardens use a lot of décor. Like, a lot. While this is your indoor garden and one can design it however they wish, when there’s more decor than plants, it’s no longer a garden. Assuming you want to keep a garden feel, be sparse with the décor you put in.

Window Placement

Be careful with putting plants next to the window, particularly if you live in a cold climate. A freezing gust of wind and snow-covered windows are colder than one thinks. If you have real tropical plants there, it could very well kill them. Evidently, this issue is not the case with fake greenery.

Exposure to Sunlight

Even with artificial plants, one wants to present them as a real lively indoor garden. With that, placement near direct or indirect sunlight is important. Look in your room as to where natural lighting touches. These are the areas where to put your fake plant indoor garden. A lack of consideration with light can leave a garden looking unnatural or poorly laid out in a room’s context.

Lack of Lighting

At night, you don’t want your garden looking too dingy or uncared for. Consider installing some LED string lights or stylish bulbs around your garden, if your collection of plants are large enough to warrant it.

Too Much Width, Too Little Height

Large indoor gardens have the tendency to sprawl out and fail to make use of what’s available to them vertically. This is why it is recommended to mix in tall plants or hanging plants, or fake greenery that can be used to occupy some of the unused space above your garden.

Mixed Planters

Over time, any gardener accumulates planters. Putting together an indoor garden with the planters you already have in your collection can have a very improvised and unnatural feel. At the very least, consider buying planters in pairs so that you can create couplets or craft a symmetrical look with the same type of planter placed at opposite ends of the indoor garden.

Too Little Space, Too Many Plants

A walk in the woods will reveal every plant – even in clusters – has enough to space to get the nutrients it needs to grow and maintain its structure. Even with artificial plants, one must adopt a similar approach. Don’t cram in too many plants. Give them space to breathe and to be appreciated by yourself or guests.

An indoor garden is something that should always be intuitive, feel and look natural, and be expressive. Build yours today at ArtiPlanto with deals on artificial plants and cement, brass, and natural planters.

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