Stress hits every person a little differently. An abundance of stress, no matter the cause, can develop into something more. Anxiety. Anxiety is how our body’s systems respond to certain stressful stimulation. Your home, no matter how large or small, is an opportunity to create an environment that can help improve anxiety symptoms and minimize stress.


Plants help anxiety. Real plants, as do artificial plants, can make spaces feel more warm and welcoming without being overly cluttered, lively, and over-stimulating. From the look of plants to how they feel to the touch, they’re a very pleasing influence to have around you. While faux plants are not real, even they produce the same sort of calming effects in the mind. A real argument can be made, being around nature, or representations of nature, is medicine for the mind.


Nature = Positive Emotions


Firstly, decades of research support the idea that there is a real connection between humans and plants. Natural environments are shown to have a significant effect on promoting positive emotions and decreasing negative feelings.


Plants Suppress Nervousness


Plants have been shown to suppress nervousness and distress in the body. There is no stress in plants, flowers, and greenery. Simply being around nature and plants can bring down blood pressure, calm and mellow the body’s fight-or-flight response, and help reduce anxiety within minutes.


Plants Can Help You Recover


A lot of people use plants to help them recover from stressful situations, loss, or tragedy. There is a healing element to having even just a single plant in the room with you. If you can’t have real plants, buy premium artificial plants online as an alternative. You will see the same result.


Take 5-10 Minutes


In one study, it was found that spending 5-10 minutes in a room with a few houseplants make people feel happier and more satisfied. You don’t need to be in a jungle or a forest to get this result. A simple one or two plants is all you need.


Plants Are Restorative


In a yard with plants or with premium indoor houseplants, you can recharge. There is a true restorative element to plants, with studies supporting how seeing plants can restore mental resources, renew positive emotions, improve the ability to pay attention, and also increases productivity and creativity.


Take Them Into Enclosed Spaces


Some spaces you have to be there. An office is a great example. During the recent pandemic, there was a study that demonstrated those who had indoor plants had fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety than those who did not. Have a few plants with you in the spaces you know you’re regularly going to be day-in and day-out.


The Perfect Number Is 5 Or More


There is no recommended number of plants for someone with anxiety. However, most studies suggest one tall plant at a height of five feet or high, or five or more small tabletop plants, is somewhere around where those positive emotions start to increase. It’s really up to you, with what makes you happy. Some people are fully satisfied with one plant. That does it for them, helping their anxiety and filling the room with vibrancy. There really aren’t any rules.


If you struggle with anxiety, try a faux plant from Work on making your home environment an anti-anxiety space and see how different you feel in a more natural, plant-friendly setting.

Pedro Capitao de Salles