When looking for a type of greenery or home decor that doesn't involve a whole lot of maintenance or space, one may be overwhelmed with the myriad of choices available in the world of artificial plants and succulents.

A low-maintenance idea that provides a bright, airy and clean setup is using faux plants and create your own desert-scape.

Make something in your very own home representative of those warm, sunny days you can enjoy all year round. Here’s how.

Easy to Make

The beauty of this concept is that it's remarkably easy to create, especially if you're using faux cacti and faux succulents. 

There's a huge variety of faux plants available in all varieties, shapes, colors and sizes. Perhaps the best thing about fake plants is that they don't need any watering or repotting. A bit of dusting periodically is all the maintenance that artificial plants will require, which will definitely make life easier.

Essential Elements

Key points in creating your own desert-scape include deciding on the location and plant background.

While this display will work anywhere in your home, you'll get the most out of your indoor faux garden display if you set it in a decently-lit area, such as a sunny corner. The addition of tables and other props will add visual interest. 

What to Look For

When choosing your faux plants, look for a variety of sizes and shapes to build your desert-scape with.

Most cacti and succulents are housed in decorative, neutral-colored containers that evoke desert-like vibes and provide their own style to the display.

Display Ideas

There are endless variations of faux plants in a desert garden that are possible. A classic display includes a larger container with a taller cactus to anchor the set, surrounded by a few pots containing a variety of smaller cacti and groupings of succulents. Very easy. Very simple.

Other desert-scape ideas include smaller groupings of succulents and cacti displayed along tables, mantles and cabinets, made up of different containers and colors. The plants do not need to be grouped together, either. For smaller living spaces, a display can be made from just one faux plant in a pretty planter, accented with a few attractive pebbles or wood.

Additional Accessories

When creating your desert-scape, you may want to include some additional décor or props such as complementary wall art or hanging plants that match or even slightly contradict the desert theme. 

Decorative rocks, pieces of wood, beach glass and even colorful sand can provide a nice overall desert aesthetic to your display.

For fun, you could even add some creature figurines, such as faux scorpions and fossils though admittedly, this may be a little ‘too real’ for some.

With all the artificial plant options on the market today from vendors like Artiplanto.com, you can create an attractive desert-scape that requires no watering, no repotting and no fuss with ease. Arrange it all to your liking, dust it occasionally, and enjoy. A desert garden can fit anywhere outdoors or inside and no one will be the wiser with realistic-looking, premium, detailed faux succulents leading the way. Visit Artiplanto.com today.
Andrew Lu