Valentine’s Day and flowers. They’re like the ‘peanut butter and jelly’ of holiday gifts. There’s something about Valentine’s Day and flowers that just go together. It works and it’s become a tradition.

Most go grabbing for pre-cut flowers in a bouquet. With this, you get impact, sure. The disadvantage though is that, first off, Valentine’s Day bouquets are very pricey. Secondly, they wilt. Inevitably, those florals will be thrown out.

Consider giving a Valentine’s Day plant that lasts a little longer. Here are 7 artificial plants better than any bouquet. These are a surprisingly thoughtful and long-lasting alternative to keep brightening your partner’s day long into the future.

Artificial Ficus Plant

An artificial ficus plant is pretty on its own, from the unique entanglement of its trunk up to the edges of its leaves. A very romantic choice, a ficus is a plant of artistry, creativity, thought, and nature. For a design-conscious plant lover, a ficus like this lasts forever made from premium materials and crafted by hand.

Artificial Orchid Plant

Orchids are a beautiful Valentine’s Day plant. Elegant. Romantic. A sweetheart’s favorite. Gift someone the taste of luxury with a smile-evoking orchid. The look is the perfect reference to winter’s best days and springtime ahead.

Artificial Palm Plant

An artificial palm tree for Valentine’s Day is a gift from the tropics, from there to here. If you’re eager to fill in some empty spaces in a person’s home, a fake palm tree works. Just ensure it’s friendly to pets, if your partner does have any pets. Also bonus, there are small artificial palm plants, in case you want to get something for the tabletop.

Artificial Olive Plant

An olive plant is shy, gentle, and subdued compared to some of the other names on this list. Exceptionally pretty, a fake olive tree is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Pair it with a basket or planter and you have something special to present on February 14, 2021.

Artificial Monstera Plant

A Monstera plant is a very fun, beautiful plant with comes in various shapes and sizes. If you’re concerned about a plant being boring, a Monstera certainly isn’t. It’s a slice of peppy creativity someone can have at their desk or positioned in a corner.

Artificial Boxwood Topiary Plant

An artificial topiary plant is classic to home décor, charming, and can be shaped quite uniquely. A topiary needs space. Like a palm tree, you will want to scout one’s living space for an area that’s going to work. Though a traditional pick for interior décor and landscape design, for Valentine’s Day, it creates a different impression especially when it’s highlighted in the right context.

Artificial Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

An artificial spathiphyllum leaf potted plants are a pretty piece of greenery, cheerful in their delivery of life, love, and décor. A nice pick-me-up, this plant can be used as tabletop décor in any kitchen, bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

Bouquets are lovely. An artificial plant is lovelier. Embrace Valentine’s Day with a little more longevity attached to your gift. Find unique and universally loved artificial plants from ArtiPlanto today, and get your partner a lively, celebratory gift that will have a purpose beyond February’s most romantic holiday.
andrew lu