Ah yes, a murderer of plants. We have met many of you! Killing plants is surprisingly common. Fortunately, you can’t kill a faux plant. Try one on for size and see how easy it is to have a houseplant, a garden, or plants sprinkled across your home layout.

“Why Do Plants Have to Die?” Asks The Gardener

As hard as one tries, some plants aren’t going to make it to the next growing season and some won’t last as long as you hope. There are many reasons for this. These are the most common.

  • You’re watering your plants too often causing them to literally drown in moisture.
  • You’re not watering your plants enough causing them to struggle to survive and slowly fade.
  • Your plants are not getting enough sunlight causing them to gradually weaken.
  • Your plants are getting too much direct sunlight which can dry out some varieties and more or less cook them in the heat of the UV rays.
  • You have insects that are eating away at plants, reducing the efficiency of a plant in survival.
  • Your plant catches a disease either from the soil, pollen, or carried in from somewhere resulting in its weakening and death.

Another big reason why people aren’t good at taking care of plants is because they’re just too busy. Between work, relationships, and running errands, there sometimes isn’t a whole lot of opportunity to ensure plants are getting what they need.

“How Can I Have Plants If I Always Kill Them?” Asks The Troubled Plant-Lover

Faux plants are awesome. Hear us out on this before you judge!

The way artificial plants are designed today is a massive improvement over what was out even a decade ago. Premium brands like Artiplanto are big players in the home décor and they specialize almost solely in artificial plants.

They look realistic to such a degree that even your best plant-lover friend won’t be able to tell.

Some people create full gardens of artificial plants, mix in fake plants with real plants, or use centerpieces like this artificial travellers palm tree plant. There is a real diversity in how you can use a faux plant.

When you click on an artificial plant to buy online, what it looks like in the photo is exactly what arrives. Your faux plant will look like this in perpetuity. Though you may be an established plant-murderer around your place, you’re not going to kill a fake plant. You can neglect it for months and ultimately, it’ll still be there.

Faux plants make it possible for anyone to own plants. If past relationships with plants are not something you’re proud of, make a change this growing season. Buy a fake plant instead. Appearance-wise, it looks the same as its real counterpart. You can pot it or plant your fake greenery just like you would the real thing. No one has to know. Don’t risk another moment on plants that are likely to wither and die. Have a plant that survives.

The time is here. Brave a new type of garden and a new way to approach home décor plants. Shop faux plants and greenery at Artiplanto today.
Andrew Lu