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Article: Best Artificial Plants And Flowers For Spring And Summer 2021

Best Artificial Plants And Flowers For Spring And Summer 2021

For spring and summer, trendy artificial plants can brighten up even the darkest corner of the house and make it summer with ease. As we continue to start rolling past the warmest days of the year and as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, here are the best artificial plants and flowers for green thumbs, plant-lovers, and home décor enthusiasts.

Aloe Tree Plant

An aloe tree is pointy, dark, and dry. You get a bit of a different vibe with an aloe tree but it’s been all the rage among some this season. A quirky favourite, aloe trees are all over Instagram and when you get to see one in-person, you’ll know why.

Alocasia Plant

An alocasia plant suits any trendy artificial plants list. If you’ve never had luck with real plants, keeping an alocasia plant looking its supreme best is easy. Slightly pointy, slightly Gothic in its shape, the alocasia creates some beautiful shadows come evening.

Bird of Paradise Plant

A Bird of Paradise plant is always ready to elevate any room in your home. It has a big impact, particularly with larger Bird of Paradise plants. Add with your plant a decorative planter and you have a combination of eye-catching elements ready to celebrate summer with you.

Evergreen Plant

Evergreen plants are the ultimate houseplant for summer 2021. From the light green stem to decorated dark green edges, this faux plant ranks high. An always popular classic, choose an evergreen for a general space a la a living room.

Sansevieria Snake Plant

A sansevieria snake plant looks superb on any countertop or tabletop. Set it by a window, on a bookshelf, or wherever. Another dry-looking desert-ready succulent-like snake plant is a great option if you want to avoid big, tree-like leaves. 

Magnolia Tree Plant

A magnolia tree plant adds color and texture. It’s a nice visual effect, most impactful in symmetrical pairs. A magnolia looks good in any room, i.e. home offices, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, entranceways, etc.

Monstera Plant

A faux Monstera plant is the ultimate houseplant. It’s big. It’s expressive. It’s refreshing and with mental health benefits a-plenty! A seemingly permanent trendy fake plant, you can rely on Monstera plants to fill the atmosphere with luxurious greens.

Rubber Plant

A rubber plant is a stunning plant that looks identical whether it’s real or premium faux. For beginners looking for something general and not distracting, a rubber plant is statement-worthy but not distracting. A highly sought-after plant, we can vouch for it!

Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

An artificial spathiphyllum leaf plant is great if you’re short on space or don’t want to splash out on something you’re not sure that’s going to work aesthetic-wise. With its simple elegance and gorgeous leaves, try a spathiphyllum leaf plant.

We have seen plenty of social media posts recently sharing artificial plants and flowers this summer. These are just some of the silk plants you can find at Artiplanto. Catch all of your leafy favourites alongside tropical palm trees, hanging plants, artificial boxwood topiaries, and more. Faux plants are skyrocketing in popularity, with millions of online queries generated every month. Fill your home with your preferences. Keep things look fabulous!

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