What Plants Make Good Hanging Plants

A hanging plant faces access issues with sunlight, watering, and temperature. Hanging plants don’t survive long, in a lot of cases. Homeowners sometimes lack the knowledge on how to maximize the lifespan of a hanging plant, however, choosing the right plant is a great first step.

The benefit of a hanging plant is that it only takes a hook to hang. It takes up very little space. Also, if it’s an artificial hanging plant, even better. You don’t need to worry about it dying. It resembles something very real and alive with none of the work or worrying involved. No overwatering. No lack of sunlight killing it.

Upgrade your interior with any of these high-quality plants that can be turned into a hanging plant.

String of Pearls Plant

A string of pearls plant is a fine-looking good luck charm plant that will fit nicely into almost any room. If you’re bored of looking at the same sort of scenery around your place, consider a hanging plant like the string of pearls.

Hanging Grass Plant

Any sort of hanging grass can be very expressive and the right sort of chaotic greenery to have hanging around. A lot of people prefer a more contained look. That said, overgrown hanging plants look a lot more natural.

Philodendron Plant

A philodendron plant has these beautiful metallic leaves with flashes of silver and foliage color that dazzles. Inside a more subdued, neutral planter or pot, it can thrive under bright sunlight. An artificial philodendron, alternatively, can help color up dark spots in the room.

Pilea Peperomioides

Pilea peperomioides has that sort of contained look we mentioned. Any sort of overgrowth is limited. As a Chinese money plant, it will also bring you much luck. You can keep it inside any hanging planter, preferably small, as it’s very lightweight.

Devil’s Ivy Plant

A devil’s ivy plant is considered an excellent hanging plant for beginners. It is a climber and fills out a hanging planter or pot well. It is also available in different shades and looks. A very diverse plant.

Hanging Vine Plants

For plant-lovers that prefer to go without color and just want all the greenery they can have, hanging vine plants can be hung and strung in endlessly creative ways. Have a sanctuary awaiting you when you enter the room. Vines easily attach to things and will follow this growth pattern.

What Hanging Plant is Right For Me?

Even though some real plants make for great hanging plants, they don’t always turn out as intended. Even a resilient hanging plant can still wilt, fade, get sick, and die. Finding a hanging plant for your place, we recommend going with a faux hanging plant as opposed to a real hanging plant.

  • Become a plant parent without any of the responsibility or commitment.
  • Never have to worry about them having not enough water or too much water.
  • There’s no need to put an artificial hanging plant in sunlight.
  • Place your plant wherever you want with full confidence it will continue looking great where it is.

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