In any room, ideally, you want every item in your home decor to have a reason to be there. Artificial plants and flowers have been ‘blooming’, so to speak, with all the positive attention provided to them by interior designers, real estate agents, and home décor experts. The right plants have their place in home décor, without question. If you feel like something’s missing, artificial plants may be just what it is. Here are 7 ways plants will make your home décor feel different.

They’re Trendy

If you’ve been waiting to update your home décor, here’s your chance. If you have some materials or items hanging around that seem outdated, a little tacky, or that have just overstayed their welcome, switch it up with some trendy fake flowers, artificial plants, or even a large faux tree.

Browsing Instagram, TikTok, and social media, you will find lots of interesting ideas for plants in décor.

Lots of Ways to Decorate

A faux plant can be bought on its own and placed in a single planter and that’s it. You can choose to cluster a few plants together, arrange multiple artificial plants in a shape, or set them in a hanging basket if you like.

You can choose to add flourishes of greenery here and there or really go for it and create a massive section of plants.

They Feel Natural

Most human beings’ mood tends to improve when they are around nature. There’s something about nature that is just in our DNA. We like it. We spend so much of our time indoors today, however, that we just don’t get enough nature.

Put in a plant and it will feel different. You add a real sense of nature and that is a real healthy thing.

They Add Color

Nothing looks as green and plant-like as a real plant does. Fake plants are booming as well, adapted from the real thing. If you want the color but none of the responsibility, a fake plant captures the aesthetic really well.

Faux plants are nothing to sneer at. They’re a very pretty addition to any room in the house.

They Look Beautiful

A premium faux plant doesn’t look any different from its real counterpart. It really doesn’t. A beautifully-done faux plant will look pristine in home décor and can also be repotted into any planter, pot, or basket you like.

There are many ways to adjust the look of a plant, especially when it’s fake, to meet your expectations.

You Can Re-Shape Them

You can re-shape the look of a plant fairly easily, particularly a faux plant where all the stems are bendable.

If you have an artistic eye or want to create a different look with your artificial greenery, the sky’s the limit. They’re easy to fit into a room and can help bring up the atmosphere in sometimes unexpected ways.

There Is A Mental Health Component

Any plant, real or artificial, is found to have positive mental health benefits. They help with depression and anxiety, reducing symptoms in some people. Plants can add a more calming atmosphere to a room which can be key to quieting down busy thoughts.

Another positive mental health effect is that artificial plants can boost focus and productivity at work.

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Andrew Lu