Home décor experts a few decades would have told you nothing beats a real plant. “Fake greenery doesn’t even come close”, they’d say.

Well, today, that’s no longer true. Premium artificial plants are everywhere. On Instagram and TikTok. They’re chased after by millennials, interior decorators, event planners, and more. Do artificial plants look fake – not anymore.

They Don’t Have To Be A Faux Pas

A highly realistic artificial plant that comes close to resembling the real thing is hardly a fashion faux pas. Any interior designer will tell you. You can use faux plants and get away with it so long that it looks real. And a plant does look real when it comes from a premium source.

Where To Buy Your Fake Plants From

General retailers, hardware stores, and even décor brands are not where to go to shop faux plants. Buy fake plants online from specialty brands, like Artiplanto.com, if you want to have the most realistic-looking plant possible. These plants, trees, grasses, and flowers look anything but artificial.

Faux Plants Are Art

In the past decade, the quality of faux plants has made a significant jump. Not only has their design gotten better, they’re also being treated as proper art. A few of the more popular artificial plant brands are even painting their greenery by hand. This is what has turned faux houseplants from plastic to totally original home décor.

High-Quality Material

A premium fake plant will be made from good-quality materials and detailed often by hand. Cheaper faux plants can be plastic and commercially made, abhorred by home décor enthusiasts. This is another reason to rely on premium specialty faux plant brands.

Put Your Plant Somewhere Real

If you treat your greenery like it’s real, it will appear real. Place it in a planter. Fill it with soil. Your plant should be put somewhere it’s likely to thrive. In the sun, by a window. That’s perfect. An artificial plant can look alright in a dark corner but if you do this, you have to be careful with daytime lighting. There should be some light surrounding it.

There Is Chaos In Nature

A major complaint as to why fake plants look fake is because they tend to be overly perfect. Shaping the stems of an artificial plant, take into account that things should look somewhat chaotic. Consider ways to toy with the shape of your faux greenery to match what it would look like if it was sitting in the middle of nature.

Real Plant V. Fake Plant

As real as a fake plant may look, you may still be thinking you prefer a real plant. A real plant comes with responsibility. A lot of millennials in particular are busy with work and focused on matters more meaningful than watering plants on a schedule. For these people and others, artificial plants are the perfect solution.

Assuming they look exceptionally real, why wouldn’t you want to make the switch to faux greenery?

Try a faux plant from Artiplanto.com. See why these artificial creations are so popular among home décor services, interior designers, and everyday homeowners. Find low-maintenance houseplants you won’t kill. They’re faux!
Andrew Lu