Faux houseplants are beautiful assets to any home. No matter what home décor theme you’re using, there’s something very natural about the appearance of a plant. An artificial plant will sit comfortably in any room, season, and aesthetic. In fact, faux plants may be your best home décor asset this year. This is just a start as to why.

They’re Simple

Faux plants don’t come with the same issue as a real plant. There’s no overwatering or under-watering. There’s no ‘too much sun’ or ‘not enough sun’. There are no pesky bugs being tracked inside the house. Fake plants are simple. They’re pure decoration.

They Add Shape

A faux plant on a windowsill or by a window creates shadows, filters light, and adds a unique shape to the room.

They Bend To Form

All premium fake plants come with bendable branches and stems that allow you to fix the silhouette and shape to precisely how you like it.

You Can Use One Or Multiples

Although most home décor experts will only use one or two artificial plants, you can opt for a garden if you like. There are so many varieties of plants and trees, at different heights and in numerous shapes. It is very easy to mix and match, and come up with a lush plant area totally faux.

They Calm Anxiety

When our brain cannot look at a fake plant and interpret it as real, it produces the same mental health effects as a real plant. Premium fake plants have been shown to reduce anxiety and improve productivity which is why they are a particular favourite among homeowners with home offices.

They Come In Different Heights

There is a faux plant out there for everyone. There really is. From the average person, they’ll probably be looking for something small like an artificial tabletop plants but there are also large artificial trees extending up to 10” and above. The range in heights is extraordinary.

Move Them Into New Planters

If you don’t like the look of a pot the plant came in, you can very easily repot it inside a new planter without any risk of harming the plant.

They Can Survive In Dark Areas

Real plants come with a taxing list of needs. Faux plants don’t. If you have an empty dark area needing a little sprucing up, try a fake plant. In dark rooms, such as a basement, consider an artificial plant.

Mix In Other Materials

If you like, you can set some preserved moss around the plant’s base. Use wood chips, rocks, crystals, or anything you like. There are many, many ways to give added life to the presentation of a faux plant.

They Are So Detailed

Today’s premium faux plants are incredibly life-like. The detail is often done by hand, varying colors, shapes, and adding a natural variety to the look of an artificial plant that makes it feel incredibly realistic.

Artificial plants can make any space feel a little more like home. Even in bathrooms, faux plants are a lot of fun and add a charm that you won’t find with any other type of décor. Shop your favourites at Artiplanto.com today.
Andrew Lu