Christmas is almost upon us, the holidays are here, and the holiday gift shopping season is in full swing.

As all of us prepare for our respective holiday family traditions, a part of the season is no doubt exchanging gifts. Truth be told, a faux plant makes for an amazing holiday gift. It’s green. It’s trendy. They’re great décor and they also come with no responsibility attached, unlike a real plant.

If you’re looking to buy a fake plant online to give as a holiday gift, here are our top picks for artificial plants to buy for Christmas this year.

Artificial Cactus Plant

A faux cactus plant is small, cute, and lovely. It can be put in any room, from an office to a bedroom. It also looks so real you could even fool a gardener having this little guy nested somewhere in the home.

Artificial Orchid Plant

A faux orchid is one of the most popular artificial plants this season. They’re chic and they add grace to any space. They are best used on a dining table, a bedroom windowsill, or where you want a lot of brightness and style.

Artificial Hanging Plant

Are you buying for someone who lives in a condo, a 1-bedroom apartment, or who’s renting a room – no worries. An artificial hanging plant can be hung and doesn’t have to take up any tabletop space whatsoever.

Artificial Christmas Tree

A lot of artificial holiday trees are not very realistic. From a distance, they look alright. Closer, it’s easy to see they aren’t very real. A great gift to someone who loves faux trees and faux plants is to buy the most realistic artificial Christmas tree online. It’s a beauty and on sale right now from

Artificial Croton Plant

A fake croton plant is colorful and gives off a visual that’s warm and tropical. The multi-colored leaves are eye-catching and it’s a very vibrant plant when compared to a lot of other faux greenery that’s often more shades of green than other colors.

Artificial Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree

If you really want southern tropical vibes, try an artificial palm tree. You can opt for a faux palm tree that’s very large – as in 10” and higher – or something much smaller. Due to its size, a faux palm can be placed in a dining room, work-from-home office, basement space, or even outdoors.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

If you aren’t sure what to buy when looking for a plant, an artificial fiddle leaf plant is a reliable choice. It looks real. It’s a plant that looks very natural no matter the size. It’s also a great introduction into what’s possible in the world of fake plants.

Artificial Topiary Plant

An artificial topiary plant is one of several faux plant possibilities that have unique stems or tree trunks. This original creation is well worth having a look at. An alternative is a faux ficus plant, another one-of-a-kind, creative form of greenery.

At this time of year, buying gifts might not be the easiest task. If you’re at a loss, search out an artificial plant at and see the beauty in faux plants.
Andrew Lu