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Article: Can You Make A Japanese Zen Garden With Artificial Plants?

Can You Make A Japanese Zen Garden With Artificial Plants?

Can You Make A Japanese Zen Garden With Artificial Plants?

There are endless varieties of ways to use artificial plants in home decor and designs, be they functional or merely for your own enjoyment. A great idea for your home is a Japanese Zen garden.

If you’re interested in designing a garden, faux plants are certainly a part of one. Here’s what you need to know.

Elements of a Japanese Zen Garden

Japanese Zen gardens typically include a mix of water, rocks, sand and plants that mimic what is found in nature.

The desired result is simple, minimalist and natural. To create this setup in an indoor setting, however, these elements can be difficult to care for. Water, rocks, and real plants can be a disastrous combination. Fake plants can be a big help in this area, if for nothing else than this.

Location and Design Of A Fake Garden

The first step in creating a Japanese zen garden is finding a location that can house it. If located indoors, you'll want a spot where you can set up a miniature pond, or even a water fountain, in such a way that it will not create a mess.

If located outdoors, such as on a deck, patio, or in a backyard, you will want a location where everything can be arranged without exposure to damage from the elements.

Once you have a location picked out, next, create a design for the garden you would like to have.

Keep in mind that Japanese Zen gardens consist of water movement, such as a fountain or pond, arranged with stones and rocks of different sizes, shapes and colors to mimic nature. Consider where amongst all this you intend to put your best faux plants.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Plants

Live plants can be used in any Japanese zen garden, however, they do require upkeep such as watering, potting and pruning. For a simpler take on your Zen garden, artificial plants are far simpler to manage.

In addition to being easy to take care of, artificial plants can be easy to swap out for different creations.

Some garden-makers will even rotate fake plants in and out according to the season to add variety.

Suitable Types of Faux Plants For Zen Gardens

Plants add color, texture and form to faux Japanese Zen gardens. Seasonal flowers and leaves add color and visual interest, and different faux plants add different textures, such as soft moss and grass, rustling leaves and more coarse trees and bushes.

Bonsai plants are the most traditional plants used in Zen gardens and are very popular. You can create the look of a bonsai plant out of various stylish faux plants presented in the right way.

Other Zen garden favorites include bamboo stalks, which are available in several sizes and styles to suit your needs. Ornamental artificial grass, Japanese maple trees, pine trees and fake cherry trees are also all popular in Zen gardens, as well as Camelia bush flowers for extra color and beauty.

You can design a lovely Zen garden using artificial plants available in all sorts of sizes, colors and designs. You can easily change up their look as simply as swapping rocks and stones as desired, and switching faux flowers, trees and grasses whenever you feel a need for different styles. Artificial plants in your Zen garden are maintenance-free.

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