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Article: 10 art prints idea to decorate your office place

10 art prints idea to decorate your office place | Artiplanto

10 art prints idea to decorate your office place

Whether it's for a home office or you are looking to spruce up a drab cubicle to add your personal style statement art prints are the best treatment. 

In most cases the best thing to add a splash of sad, blank office walls is — a stylish gallery wall. This also helps to create a nostalgic, relaxed vibe to any stuffy office. Read on to find the best wall prints in Canada that will add more life to any office space. 

Scandinavian Inspiration 

If you are looking to add a vibrant touch with some exclusive prints that have a retro feel and display scandinivian retro theme. Further they come in different prints and sizes, which make them perfect for any size office space. 

Misty Clouds

There is something divine about embracing nature in an office space. Further there is a different kind of charm misty mountains bring to a bland wall space in an office. 


Whether it is daisy, peony tulips, large or small flower paintings in pastel shades or loud colours all look really great. Especially when it comes to decorating an office space they blend in really well in large and small offices. 

Ocean theme 

If you have dark or vibrant shaded walls in the office space. There is something serene about the ocean — whether it is a blue water or a grey and white shaded ocean wave both display a natural sense of calmness. 

Curved cat lines

If your office space is vibrant, modern and all you need is a little something to spice things up then the curved kitty cat lines are a perfect addition for your office. 


There is nothing beautiful or even comparable to summer theme prints. It is one of those elements that helps create a natural yet modern look to a casual themed office space with the vibrance of adopting summer elements in the decor.

Majestic maze

All lines are not mazes, but all mazes are amazing. Try saying that fast a few times and you will understand the majestic power of mazes. Artiplanto has some exclusive and artistic prints that are so beautiful and must have for any office.


There is no better than animals to create a visually pleasing focal point in a rather dull office space. Some of the most popular animals in 2020 are alpaca, bunny, cat and camel. 

Boho perfection

There is some kind of subtle perfection when it comes to using boho prints in an office space. Always choose canva prints with a pastel background paired alongside bright coloured elements. 

Minimalist shapes 

Sometimes everything does not have to make perfect sense. Minimalistic prints are simple like their name; they are a collection of curved lines and geometric shapes paired to create an artistic painting you can flaunt in your office. 

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