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Article: What Are the Top 7 Plants in Florida

What Are the Top 7 Plants in Florida

Across the long, winding roads that make up Florida, you’ll find several exquisite plants and greenery.

From private Florida gardens to trendy plants in public spaces, the state has a lot going for it in climate and growing conditions.

Here are some of the most popular plants in Florida, some of which are in high-demand countrywide due to their unique colors and tropical looks.

Areca Palm

Areca Palms are fast-growing plants. They are a very thick type of palm that can be used as a tree or shrub. Palm trees like this are often used as a shrub barrier or to station at the corner of a property. Faux palm trees like the Areca Palm are in high demand in Florida as well as other regions.

African Lily

Any Florida gardener expecting to be able to grow tulips, hyacinths, and lilies will generally be disappointed. Fortunately, the African Lily is a beautifully bulbous plant complete with white clusters of color or blue, up to three feet tall. They can survive year-round, unlike further north where this type of lily isn’t able to survive. Thank Florida!

Zeezee Plant

In the northern United States, the zeezee plant is a houseplant but in Florida, it’s a tropical perennial. A zeezee grows very slowly, however, attracts no pests, can tolerate low-light conditions, and does not require very much water to survive. The biggest drawback is that a zeezee plant is very, very poisonous if eaten.

Rosy Periwinkle

The rosy periwinkle is originally from Madagascar. Once a pure African plant, it’s travelled the world throughout the past century. Now, a common garden plant in Florida and abroad, the flowers come in pink, lavender, and white. Unlike the other names on this list, this Florida plant requires much, much water.


Lilyturf, aka liligrass, is a plant from East Asia. It is a perennial and is often used in Florida to line flowerbeds. Lilyturf thrives in full sun as well as shade, tolerates drought and dryness fairly alright, and the only drawback is that it does need watering and trimming throughout the year. The benefit of any fake plant in Florida, in comparison, is that they’re far easier to manage.

Lantana Flowers

A lantana flower is available in several colors, usually planted in Florida gardens as a perennial. Small, delicate blossoms appear in a cluster, each with a unique color. They’re truly one of the most gorgeous flowers in the United States, and are known to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Pineapple Guava

The pineapple guava is a unique gray-green tree known for its pink-and-white flowers. A pineapple guava produces egg-size guava-esque edible fruit from the top of its 8-12 feet high reach. This is a favourite tree of Florida as it’s easy to grow, stays evergreen year-round, and tolerates seacoast salt exposure.

As pretty as these plants in Florida are, they can be a lot to take care of. A fake plant looks impressively realistic and doesn’t require any of the maintenance a real plant does. Try an ArtiPlanto creation today. Order from the top Florida faux plant brand in the state.

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