Artificial plants look great. Premium-made faux plants are the closest thing to real plants alternative to the real thing. When placed outside though, what happens to a faux plant – a common question. Fortunately, the answer’s a reassuring one.

Why Use Fake Plants Outdoors

As charming as fake plants look inside cozy living rooms and sleek kitchen designs, they’re a tremendous addition to small deck gardens, landscaping, and outdoor vibes. To keep them looking their best, there’s no maintenance required. You don’t have to be out there watering them or worrying about if they’re receiving enough sunshine. For care-free outdoor living, the answer’s an easy one for interior designers. Artificial plants do the trick. From large backyards to smaller and more compact decks, they work.

What Happens When I Put A Fake Plant Outdoors?

Artificial plants can be kept outside. The only worry you should have is if they are stable for the wind. As long as you’re sure they’re sturdy enough not to be knocked over in tough weather, you’re good. That said, some cheaper plants can fade when exposed to sunlight. If you’re focused on moving fake plants outdoors, always buy premium-made. Ideally, look for a plant made with UV-protected material. If you see in the description the keyword ‘UV-protected’, be sure it’s a material that is safe outside in the sunshine.

Where Can I Buy Artificial Plants for Outdoors?

Create a beautiful garden without ever leaving your chair. You can buy artificial plants for outdoors online from ArtiPlanto. There you will find hundreds of plants, potted plants, and arrangements. Buy them online and get them delivered to your front door. If you already know what you want to do to optimize your outdoor space, all that’s left to do is buying and arranging. Enjoy your outdoors to the fullest and don’t have to lift a finger until your selected artificial plants arrive.

How Can I Add Green to A Small Outdoors Space?

Not all of us are blessed with the largest outdoor living spaces to create in. For some, it’s a balcony or deck and that’s it. For these types of small outdoor spaces, there are some economical faux potted plants to choose from. You can also purchase artificial plants, repurposing them into planters of your own choosing. If you’re not working with a lot of square footage, build up with a vertical plant wall. Taking elements of your favourite faux plants, decorating a wall can add a whole new dynamic of green to your space.

How Can I Refresh My Outdoors Deck Without A Renovation?

If you want to update your deck without having to do a major renovation, try artificial plants. Assuming the structure of your deck is intact and there aren’t any safety issues present, a customized selection of cost-effective, long-lasting fake plants for outdoors works. You can use planters of your own choosing, add DIY string lights, and give your deck a good wash before beginning on its reinvention. You’d be surprised by what you can do with a few simple artificial plants.

Equip your outdoor décor with artificial plants from ArtiPlanto today. They thrive outdoors! A calming presence to your backyard, strategically scatter your favourites around you and bask in that warm summer weather.

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