Are you considering buying a faux tree online? If so, you may have one or two questions about what the best artificial tree is, how to style an artificial tree, and what size tree you should get. Here’s your guide to premium faux trees and everything you will want to know courtesy of


Are Artificial Trees Tacky?


Faux plants and trees are not tacky. Years ago, they were made very cheap. They didn’t look realistic. They were made out of very cheap materials.


Today’s artificial trees are very different, often made by hand and hand-painted, and made from premium materials. If you buy an artificial tree online, always go with a premium brand that you trust to make high-quality plant décor products such as this.


How Tall Should My Faux Tree Be?


How tall an artificial tree should be is dependent strictly on where it shall go. For most rooms, artificial trees under 6” are recommended. This is ideal for any kitchen, bedroom, condo or apartment, or any regularly-sized room.


For entryways, living rooms, and spaces with higher-than-average ceilings, it may be more appropriate to select a tree that’s 7” in size. What you don’t want is a tree that’s too tall and that has to bend over at its highest point.


What Size Artificial Tree Do I Need?


Look at how a space is laid out. Consider how tall the ceilings are. Look at the width you’re working with. Some premium artificial trees, such as faux palm trees, can really spread out horizontally. Others, by comparison, can be very thin and can be shaped to fit into relatively tight areas. 


Consider how a tree might look up close as well as far away. These are the sort of considerations to keep in mind when buying a fake tree.


What Should I Plant My Faux Tree In?


The best artificial trees are high-quality and do not need to be held up by any specific type of planter. Be sure that your planter has enough weight to it not to topple over. Planters come in different types of materials, from woven baskets to ceramic, bamboo wood, cement, metal, natural materials, and others.


As you do not need to water a faux plant or faux tree, there is no special consideration to give to the planter other than its aesthetic and appeal within your décor.


How Should I Style My Faux Tree?


An artificial plant should be made to look as real as possible. As the branches are bendable, shaping the tree is all about mimicking what a real tree looks like. You don’t want things to look overly straight or too symmetrical. Do some adjusting on the tree and take a step back to see your work.


If you have ever set up an artificial Christmas tree, it is similar in design. It won’t take long until you’re an expert at artificial tree styling.


What Other Faux Plants And Home Décor Work Well With A Faux Tree?


There are lots of exquisite home décor and plants that work well with faux trees. Think of the decorative look you’re trying to create.


Materials like wood, stone, and similar natural elements tend to work best alongside artificial trees. You may also want to prioritize natural colors when styling around an artificial tree. It all will be decided on by your décor theme.


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