Best Tabletop Plants for Offices

Your desk at work is near-sacred ground. Everything you put here has to have meaning. Productivity, focus, and concentration are your highest priority when designing an office.=

That said, greenery in the form of office plants can really spruce up the place.

Plants are tranquil and engaging. Unfortunately, no one wants to be around a real plant slowly dying.

For tabletop plants for the office, try for a silk plant instead. An artificial plant like this will always deliver a strong, healthy appearance. Here are the best tabletop plants for an office or office desk.


Ferns are transformative and peaceful plants. They can help add a lot of engagement to an office. If you’re not a particularly green-thumbed kind of person, try looking at artificial plants instead. There is a myriad of realistic-looking, detail-oriented and premium-made faux ferns readily available. No one will be the wiser. You’ll get the appeal you want with none of the needed upkeep.


Cactus plants are trustworthy, will always look its best, and is a great piece of visual interest. Common to dry, harsh climates, cactus plants have had to adapt and become very versatile surviving through some pretty ugly neglect. If you’re looking for a tabletop plant that doesn’t require a lot of commitment, cactus plants certainly are a must-consider.


Cedar plants can be a little unexpected but they’re not just something to pull out at Christmastime. A faux plant like cedar can come in many forms and they add a different dynamic. Cactus, fern, and snake plants are very office-expected. A cedar isn’t. Depending on what products or services you’re selling, cedar may also blend in with your brand aesthetic. 


You don’t need a degree in horticulture to see the charm of a tabletop olive tree for offices. Almost like having a miniature tree on your desk, olive trees are gorgeous with small leaves, subdued color, and beauty wrapped around every inch of greenery. Olive plants are recommended for office desks that are quite busy. They’re easy to fit in and don’t carry a lot of bulk to them. A faux potted olive plant works best as you can mold it to the exact shape you want/need.


Sansevieria is also known as a ‘snake plant’ or ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’. Sansevieria can look a little sinister but the visual interest they add can be a great stimulus to keep your mind concentrated on work. The great thing about a snake plant is that it can last up to a month sans water which makes it an ideal office plant.


Orchids are colorful, vibrant, and can be shaped in an artificial arrangement by the wire inside. Most colorful flowers and plants can be distracting in an office. An orchid isn’t, however. It’s subdued, patient, and is preferred by many offices and employees. A great addition to your personal working space, if you adore flowers, you may want to choose this as your desk plant.

Tabletop plants for offices are versatile, attractive, and available premium-made and handcrafted by the designers at ArtiPlanto. If you’re looking for a plant that you don’t need to care for year-round, a faux plant is exactly where you want to look. Shop ArtiPlanto today.

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