Boxwood wreaths often face a common misconception. Most people associate them with Christmas. The truth is though boxwood is so much more than just a Christmastime favourite.

Boxwood makes for a fabulous plant you can showcase year-round in wreath arrangements throughout your home décor and interior design.

How to use boxwood is greenery decorating 101. Go beyond boxwood for Christmas this year. Here are a few ideas on how to use them outside the holidays. Find premium-made faux boxwoods any time of year from ArtiPlanto and match them to the home décor that resonates with you.

Hang Them

Boxwood wreaths are wonderful as hanging décor. They can be hung from the ceiling or positioned against the wall like a painting. Matching the green of the boxwood with tabletop artificial plants immediately below or to the side is another way to heighten a home’s interior theme.

Use Them to Color-Pop

Some walls are drab and boring. Some rooms are as well, unfortunately. The reason why an artificial plant like boxwood is so popular is because the greens are deep, dark, and vibrant. They’re a go-to when you need to make a color statement in a room.


Interior design involves having items be proportionate with one another. You’re telling a visual story. This is why larger boxwood topiary usually sits outside in landscaping or on patios. How you size your boxwood wreaths should be proportionate to the other items in the space.

Try A Different Kind of Boxwood

We’re talking wreaths here for the most part but there are faux boxwood topiary arrangements well worth considering for home décor. Boxwoods are fabulous, vibrant, and gorgeous in whatever shape they take. Rarely do they conflict with what’s going on in a room. 

Add Texture in a Room of Smooth Neutrals

A lot of minimalist-inspired home décor uses neutral colors and smooth textures. This can be overpowering at times. If you find something’s missing but you don’t want to contrast with more colors, grab a boxwood and use its texture to offset what else is going on in the room.

Group Together to Create Movement

In large spaces, it is imperative to section off areas and create movement. An open-concept kitchen-living room for example often features a clear divide where one area switches to the other. In large spaces, you can use artificial boxwood to do the same. By grouping them in a lineup, you can also create a natural guide for visitors to take when they enter a room.


Every home has them. Corners that can never seem to get enough light. Areas that look dark, lonely, and like they’re missing something. Supply these corners with the pop they need. A boxwood adds color and in a big way. It’s a great way to hide the negatives and contribute something iconic to an area of the room that may desperately need it.

Needless to say, boxwoods are more than just for Christmas. Try a premium-made handcrafted artificial boxwood topiary from ArtiPlanto today. See the difference a boxwood can make in your space. A safe, creative way to add life to your home, faux greenery like this should be on display year-round.
Arti Planto