Boxwood topiaries can be eye-catching masterpieces when done right. Even a landscaping jewel can run into issues though when they’re not being properly cared for. Here are some dos and don’ts to having boxwood topiaries.

Do Prune

The best outdoor plants see regular pruning. If you’re looking to maintain a certain shape – homeowners and property owners usually are – pruning is a part of the upkeep. An artificial boxwood topiary is a lot easier to care for. In the event pruning isn’t an interest, a quality faux boxwood looks equal in appeal and comes with none of the care or maintenance requirements.

Do Fertilize

Your boxwood should be fertilized regularly in fall and spring. Use a balanced fertilizer, ideally between 10.10.10 and 14.14.14. Liquid fertilizer is best for any plant in a container.

Don’t Get Herbicide Near Them

Herbicides kill unwanted plants. While they’re wonderful at what they do, when they get on boxwood, they’re either going to kill it or at the very least make it appear like it’s in dire need of help.

Do Water your Boxwood

Boxwood plants require regular watering. When you first receive yours, it will likely be balled, burlapped, and containerized. The roots are all tangled together and in dire need of water. Saturate the root ball in water. That’s your first step in positioning a healthy boxwood where you want it. If you’re not able to keep up with a regular watering schedule, the next best thing is premium-made faux plants.

Don’t Suffocate Your Boxwood

They may look impenetrable but boxwoods need air, light, water, and nutrients like any other plant. When they don’t receive these life-dependent ingredients, the leaves will begin to sag, roots can begin to rot or dry up, and the quality of the stems can suffer.

Do Buy From a Trusted Source

Boxwood topiaries aren’t all equal. There are some great quality boxwood topiaries available through reputable names and then, some less-than-stellar options. Try an artificial boxwood topiary from ArtiPlanto if you’re looking for something to keep its look year-round without issue.

Do Root Boxwood Cuttings

You can grow your own boxwood by taking cuttings off the tips of boxwood. All you need is 4 inches in length. Do so in November. Place them in a tray of dense soil or sand and put them somewhere warm. A greenhouse is best but it can be anywhere. In a few weeks, you may find you’ve got some new little boxwoods growing in.

Don’t Worry

It may seem intimidating to take care of boxwood topiaries but it’s very easy once you get accustomed to the routine. Like any other plant, there are challenges but these aren’t the most difficult plants to take care of. That’s worth noting.

Another great thing about boxwood topiary plants is they can be easily duplicated in appearance in the form of artificial silk plants. ArtiPlanto offers handcrafted artificial boxwood topiaries that are indistinguishable from the real thing. The advantages to these are herbicides don’t affect them, no fertilizing or watering is needed, and they’re guaranteed to look their absolute best indefinitely. Check out our boxwood topiary plants to get a grasp on what’s available.

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