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Article: Best Artificial Plants For Easter 2022

Best Artificial Plants For Easter 2022

Best Artificial Plants For Easter 2022

Scrolling through home décor on Instagram this spring, you might notice something familiar displayed in almost every photo. Seemingly regardless of the room, season, or home décor aesthetic, an element that finds its way into everything is plants. Although they may look like real plants, more often than not, they’re premium artificial plants that we’re seeing.

A faux plant is a miracle home décor element. They’re soft yet striking, naturally textured, and colored with lively green that makes a room feel fresh and complete. Fake plants are a great investment as well because they never change their look. They’re consistently spectacular-looking.

Here are some of the best artificial plants for Easter 2022 that you can use in your design and décor.

Artificial Fern Plant

A bushy artificial fern is light on the eyes and looks amazing no matter what planter or container it’s set in. A faux fern is incredibly realistic-looking and is a fine choice for Easter when you’re decorating with pastel colors, bunnies, and chocolate.

Artificial Cactus Plant

A cute, spiky, dry artificial cactus plant is a nice décor addition to anyone’s spring. It fits into a small space and is a great succulent to set on a bathroom countertop, bedside table, or shelving. Being non-organic, a fake cactus plant isn’t going to catch any diseases or look anything less than their best.

Artificial Potted Orchid

One of the more popular Easter plants year-in and year-out are artificial potted orchids. A centerpiece flower if there ever was one, you can put this one on the breakfast table or dining room table and have it look wonderful.

Artificial Palm Plant

A lot of people don’t expect artificial palm tree plants to be so small but they can be tabletop size. Of course, a palm can also be 8 feet high or taller. In a dark corner or a part of your home that’s feeling a little naked in terms of furniture and décor, a fake palm plant inspires and relaxes.

Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant

The artificial fiddle leaf plant is seasonally neutral. It’s a fake plant that’s highly adaptable to different aesthetics and occasions. The way the leaves naturally stack on top of one another provides a plant look that emphasizes classic houseplant greenery and height.

Artificial Watercress Plant

An artificial watercress plant is a beautiful artistic mix of light-to-dark greens. When you put this plant piece up this spring, a watercress plant will add timeless liveliness that will make an environment feel more vibrant and energetic.

Artificial Potted Flower Bouquet

Another great choice for Easter home décor is artificial potted flower bouquets. Some are adorned with greenery while others are heavier with color. With so many aesthetics to look through, there are many April-appropriate faux flower arrangements to find at

Artificial Snake Sansevieria Dark Green Plant

The instantly appealing artificial sansevieria dark green plant can fool anyone into thinking it’s authentically real. With all the detail of the real thing, find sansevieria plants in a variety of sizes. These are one of our absolute favourites because of the artificial snake plant’s realism and succulent-like features.

The best artificial plants for Easter 2022 fit in with the natural tones and shades of the season. An artificial plant can last a lifetime. Be sure to invest in a plant that has a longer shelf life than a weekend. For fake plants to incorporate into your Easter, visit today for premium artificial plants.

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