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Article: 9 Feng Shui Tips for Area Rugs And Luxury Rugs In Every Room

9 Feng Shui Tips for Area Rugs And Luxury Rugs In Every Room

9 Feng Shui Tips for Area Rugs And Luxury Rugs In Every Room

The time has come to talk feng shui. An energy-friendly home décor style, feng shui is an interactive approach to using colors and shapes to fill a home with warmth and welcome.

Area rugs and luxury rugs can play a role in filling a space with different shapes, colors, and representations.

Here are 9 feng shui tips on area rugs to get you started. Consider these the next time you’re looking to buy linen rugs and woven wool rugs.

Too Little or Too Much

Feng shui is about energy flow. A rug can enhance chi flow in a room with not enough of an element. A rug can also interfere, however, with chi flow if they contribute a look that’s ‘too much’. Be simple with your area rug choice and don’t overdo it.

Feng Shui Colors

The best feng shui colors for area rugs and floor rugs are brown and red. That said, gold and orange are also sought after and believed to bring fortune. The use of natural fibers is also described as being good luck in feng shui.

Balance Colors

If your décor is predominantly all-white, balance it with a darker patterned woven rug. The opposite can be true, if you’re working with a darker color scheme. Colors balance energy in décor.

Vibrancy Draws Energy In

Why entranceways often have colorful runner rugs is because vibrant colors – like red, yellow, orange, and others – draw positive chi in. Using this type of rug not only does this but it will aesthetically help design a space as well.

Do Not Place on A Dirty, Damaged Floor

Do not place rugs on a dirty and/or damaged floor. This will collect negative energy. Be sure to vacuum the floor as well as the rug before laying it down. Some recommend sprinkling salt and herbs on large areas to neutralize any remaining negative energy.

Rectangles Create Good Feelings

A rectangle rug positioned in a living room or gathering area will pull a furniture collection together. It optimizes an area like this for conversation and warmth, without being over-the-top. In feng shui, a rectangle or square rug represents intellectual ideas and a sharing of perspectives.

Round Rugs Symbolize Peace and Spirituality

Round rugs, on the other hand, symbolize spirituality and peace. Preferably you want it made exclusively from natural fibers. If a rectangular or square rug is not to your liking, a round rug’s excellent as a second choice.

Wool Rugs On Walls to Collect Sound

The roars of highways, traffic, and loud conversations outside can create negative energy in a home. A high-quality wool rug adds comfort, luxury, and absorption to these sounds. A rug hanging on a wall helps to isolate the interior. These types of rugs leave you with quiet, healthy spaces. The same can be done if you have a noisy neighbor living underneath your unit.

Remedy Layout Problems With Area Rugs

Some room layouts aren’t the most comfortable. Some may require a softer-colored rug to encourage calmness and tranquility. Alternatively, you may have a lot of sharp edges. To maximize the balance of a lot of corners and angles, a round rug works. If you’re using a room made to be something else – such as re-purposing a bedroom as a home office – attention must be given to having a rug that punches up the space with the right energy.

The right feng shui in a home can be life-changing. Visit ArtiPlanto today to browse linen rugs, woven rugs, and other home décor elements.

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