Christmas is a fine time to make memories, offer gifts to the ones we love, and re-connect.

Do you need some holiday gift inspiration – check out artificial plants and some of the best Christmas gift ideas in 2020.

Let this be a sort of gift guide for those buying for interior designers, decorators, and those passionate about décor.

Fake plants that are premium-made and handcrafted look just like the real thing, mimicking in such detail their real counterpart that no one will know you have an artificial plant unless you tell them.

Olive Tree

An olive tree is a plant in a class of its own. While you won’t get the real smell, an artificial olive tree is convincingly real with all the stylings of that unique blue-ish green and handcrafted elements such as the bark and stems.


A faux philodendron plant is a favourite of ours, with its characteristic bent stems and realistically torn leaves. Save yourself from having to do any pruning. No commitment here. Artificial philodendron plants will look the same for years on end, without any upkeep or maintenance involved.

Fiddle Leaf Plants

There’s no better fake plant Christmas gift than a fiddle leaf. For beginners with faux plants, recognizing the beauty of a fiddle leaf is very evident. It’s all there, to be admired and put on display. Even if you’re a ‘real plants only’ kind of person, you can’t help but admire how astoundingly real a faux fiddle leaf looks.


The spathiphyllum plant is tall, broad, and exhibits a light-to-medium green. The faux spathiphyllum’s designed by hand and looks just as it would if it was alive. A fine Christmas gift to offer a family member or friend in need of filling their space with something lively.

Bird of Paradise

Some of us don’t have a choice when it comes to the real v. fake plants debate. Not every person’s blessed with a green thumb and the time to care for a real plant. When you aren’t interested in starting a real living, breathing plant collection, settle for an exquisite, luxurious artificial plant like a Bird of Paradise.

Travellers Palm Tree

A travellers palm tree is a classic tropical plant with long, reaching leaves and a windy, sunny disposition. This is a great example of another benefit of faux plants. Fake plants aren’t toxic to pets, unlike some real plants. You have the thrill of the real plant aesthetic without the risk of poisoning to your favourite furry friend.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are no one’s second pick. Fake plant collectors go digging for the best faux snake plants. When you visit ArtiPlanto, that’s exactly what you get. A combination of a tropical appearance with a succulent vibe, snake plants can be stationed anywhere in your home or place of business and it will instantly make an impact.

If you have any questions or are looking for a great holiday gift this Black Friday season, we’re here to help. See more gift guides, interior décor, and inspiring handcrafted design items from the experts in artificial plants. Visit ArtiPlanto today.
andrew lu