For interior design enthusiasts and home décor experts, buying Christmas gifts is a huge opportunity to deliver an extraordinary gift.

Even if you don’t necessarily have an interest in interior design, there’s a lot one can do with aesthetics to derive gift ideas from.

Rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, guestrooms, and other spaces such as a home office all have a range of creative Christmas gift ideas seemingly embedded in them. It’s just a matter of seeing what’s missing.

This list showcases our favourite 5 creative Christmas gifts for this holiday shopping season.


Throws are a fine addition to spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Throws come in all colors, patterns, and shapes, and are almost like re-painting a room in an exciting color without having to do all the work of doing a full paint job. Colors and patterns, fortunately, are a cheap way to re-design a space without going for larger furniture and more expensive items.

Fake Plants

Fake plants encompass a wide range of design looks, from tropical and classic to rustic and subdued.

There’s a fake plant for everyone, each with its own visual characteristics and personality. In design, plant aesthetics bring a lot to the table and is one of the easiest ways to make a room appear more cozy and alive.


When a lot of us think of art, we think about the type we hang on the wall. Though fine, wall art is standard. It’s expected. It’s also very personal to a homeowner or person you may be buying a gift for.

Comparatively, sculptures or something functional with an interesting shape arguably makes a greater impact on the look of a room.

Depending on the already-established theme, there are architectural shapes out there for everyone and they can come in the form of anything, from abstract visually inspired shapes to letter holders, plates, and more.

Pots, Planters, and Baskets

Pots, planters, and baskets are another very diverse mix of home décor and design elements.

From metal to wood, glass, and any other material imaginable, pots and planters can be used for storage or to place your favourite artificial plant in. Although not essential to fake plants, pots, planters, and baskets mark another natural opportunity to bring something into a space and create mood.

Area Rugs

Rugs work in large and small spaces, bringing in a warmth and welcome that not every space has.

Handwoven, high-quality rugs last a lifetime and are a very creative Christmas gift idea. Like sculptures, art, baskets, and planters, these can be created at home by a skilled designer. Furthermore, like fake plants, area rugs can be personalized to the aesthetic or personal style of someone you’re shopping for.

We all appreciate a gift that was chosen specifically for us. Generic, run-of-the-mill décor and design have no place in anyone’s holiday gift shopping list this year. For your family and friends, contribute something to their gift collection that they can see day-in and day-out. Start your search for artificial plants, area rugs, and more with ArtiPlanto.
andrew lu