Fake plants come and go, some looking less than desirable and others being absolutely outstandingly real!

When you’re browsing a premium artificial plant supplier like ArtiPlanto, you get only the best.

Realistic-plants are a home décor godsend. Even if you’re unreliable at keeping plants alive, it doesn’t matter. Fake plants don’t need a thing. Place them wherever you desire.

What are the best artificial plants in 2021 – a combination of classics with new trendy fake plants.

Rubber Plant

A rubber plant is thick and bold, with that classic look that makes the faux and real near indistinguishable. A pro-level houseplant, this silk rubber plant doesn’t need any special light, nutrition, or watering schedule to thrive.

Aloe Tree Potted Plant

The aloe tree potted plant has some architecture to it and looks just as well on its own as it is grouped with other home décor. A tropical tree like this really does bring in the summer sun. A soothing and near-natural plant if there ever was one, why not enjoy this aloe tree potted plant anywhere.

Agave Potted Plant

One of the best fake plants for homes is the agave. An atypical design by traditional means, agave’s tropical and available in a variety of heights. Pair your agave with a pot, planter, or basket of your choosing. It’s a no-risk houseplant!

Ficus Potted Plant

An artificial ficus potted plant is a tall tree with spread greenery and stems that can be easily adjusted. Have a real, live growing plant like a ficus right in your room – except it’s not real nor living. A ficus is a classic houseplant with the ability to work in almost any environment.

Evergreen Potted Plant

Evergreen is a classic houseplant choice, favored by houseplant lovers for literally decades. Although people looking for trendy plants will look away from evergreens, they’re a choice adaptable to any room and still an office go-to for interior decorators.

Fan Palm Potted Plant

A fan palm potted plant has hand-like palm leaves, ready to outstretch and fill space with greenery that guests won’t know isn’t real. An excellent faux plant choice in 2021, this is a houseplant that’s lush and perfect for someone with a full plate or without the time to care for something real.

Bird Nest Fern Potted Plant

A bird nest fern potted plant has the charm of a tropical condo-esque plant, with multi-level greenery and made from only the most premium materials. While ferns come in various types, a bird nest fern has a very unique look that can’t be ignored. A great addition to any room.

Monstera Potted Plant

Monsteras are an Instagram-ready fake plant that’s on-trend for 2021. The real attraction of a Monstera are its leaves. They’re one of a kind. Interpreting a Monstera into a fake plant is challenging for some but the design team at ArtiPlanto got it right with a handcrafted, hand-painted design.

Find all the best artificial plants of 2021 from ArtiPlanto and enjoy fast shipping to anywhere in North America.

andrew lu