A lot of home decorators and homeowners redecorating a room go from the ground up, beginning with a rug selection.

Premium rugs have a way of establishing and supporting an aesthetic immediately upon placement. A rug does not rely on other elements in the room to look a certain way and is very much its own magnificent décor piece, playing a key role in how a room feels to someone entering.

Here are 9 ways you can use a rug to create a uniform design aesthetic in your home or in a commercial space.

Fit To The Room’s Purpose

Some rooms are luxurious and formal. Then, others are a little dirty and unkempt. A rug is like choosing the right pair of shoes for an outfit. It has to match what you’ve already got going on.

Make It Your Statement Piece

Some rooms are a little dull. This is where minimalist fails. At times, there is so little variety that it sabotages the interest of a space. Don’t fear though! A premium linen rug that’s bold, fierce, attention-grabbing, and big can catch the eye and instantly adds personality.

Don’t Clash With Furniture

Furniture is something else that one has to worry about. If you have a rug that’s iconically colorful, you are more likely to encounter some visual conflict when certain shades or shapes in your furniture are present.

Different Rugs, Similar Style

Use similarly designed rugs in several rooms of a property. Each room can have its own rug although the exact style or type of premium rug remains the same. Slight variances in rug aesthetics can give each space a unique feel without a clash.

Add Some Coziness

Hard floors are fine in an entranceway or kitchen. In a bedroom, not so much. A wool rug adds warmth and coziness that helps to reinforce that this isn’t a place to work and that this is somewhere you can relax.

Multiple Small Rugs

If you are seeking to make a visual impact, using several smaller rugs arranged abstractly compared to having one overly large rug is a trend in interior design that more are using to emphasize Scandinavian, bohemian, and other decorating styles.

Separate A Room

Open-concept rooms can suffer from not having a clear delineation between areas. A woven wool rug placed in the right spot can help assign gathering areas, work areas, relaxing areas, home entertainment spaces, and more.

Match The Wall Paint Color

Neutral colors aren’t something you have to worry about. If a room is painted with something bolder though, use it. A rug in a similar shade or complementary tone can really tie everything together before you even place in furniture.

Infer Movement And A Visual Path

You’re in a large hockey arena-sized room. In front of you, there is a rug about three feet wide leading you down a path. A person is more likely to take that path and follow the rug. In overly large spaces or hallways, rugs can be used to do the same job in any residential or commercial setting.

In interior decorating, the right rug will work hard to set a room’s aesthetic straight and clear. Choose your favourite premium rugs in wool and linen at Artiplanto.com.
Andrew Lu