So many of us are way, way too busy to be running around the house every day checking on plants, watering them, doing some pruning, and more. Even for the busy and the ambitious though, there are still lots of ways to supply greens into your interior.

Faux plants have been a major home styling trend for a few years now. People who have them love them. For those that are just jumping on board, this is a way to make a big impact with no effort in the long-term.

The beauty here is how easy they are to have. Artificial plants aren’t organic or need anything from you other than an occasional dusting. They sit perfectly balanced in your home décor, appropriated to the surroundings and the aesthetic you already have going on.

There are hundreds of varieties of fake plants to browse at Artiplanto and almost just as many styles to match.

Here are four home décor styles in artificial plants that you can use to keep your space looking chic.

Go For Classic Houseplants

Nothing is wrong with going for classic, beautiful, and perfect faux houseplants. They can be masterful in their charm, offering up natural hues and tones suitable to any contemporary interior design layout.

A lot of classic artificial plants come with clean lines and natural shades of green sprawling out across gorgeously welcoming leaves. If you want to buy a fake plant but don’t know what you prefer, something like the highly notorious faux fiddle leaf potted plant is a deep green vibrant winner.

Perfect for modern, contemporary, rustic, industrial, or minimalist spaces, ‘classic’ artificial houseplants are very adaptable.

Artificial Flower Bouquets

Artificial flower bouquets are used all the time for placement in spaces like guest bedrooms. They’re also very popular in event planning, featured routinely at major milestones and celebrations including weddings.

You can choose from premade artificial flower arrangements or put together your own. A statement of colors and flora patterns are ideal for a dinner table centerpiece or as standalone décor.

Try Summertime, Warm Tropical Plants

One of the most popular categories of premium faux plants are tropical. Even if you’re not a summertime person, a tropical plant can add lots of life.

Among the most common tropical faux plants are artificial palm trees. They come at lots of different heights and looks, easy to place in your home and create a relaxed, fun atmosphere wherever they’re situated.

Dry, Spiky Succulents

Artificial succulents are very, very trendy right now, with cacti in particular being all over social media. In interior décor, a spiky faux succulent adds a striking shape and is a major eye-catcher in whatever room it’s placed in.

The appeal of succulents is how small they are, able to be fitted into any space, from home offices to bedroom side tables or living room shelves. Despite their instantly-identifiable look, artificial cactus plants and other succulents are easily integrated into almost any home décor aesthetic, from rustic to modern-minimalist.

Tap into your sense of style and pick up your favourite premium artificial plants for home décor from today. Put this guide to work or come up with your trendy theme for how to incorporate faux plants into your day-to-day.
Pedro Capitao de Salles