Cactus plants are perceived as very easy plants to take care of. When it comes to indoor gardening and tropical plants, succulents like cactus plants are an elegant and bold choice. Adaptable to different home décor styles, cacti require at least a few simple things to keep them happy.

Cactus Plants Are Easy to Take Care Of With Watering

Like artificial cactus plants, a real cactus plant requires very little water. However, unlike faux plants, a real cactus does need some water. Pretty regularly, in fact. Don’t make the mistake of not watering your cactus. It should be watered regularly. It can survive long droughts but it isn’t easy.

If you want your cactus to grow, water is a necessary step. Wait until the soil is fully dry before watering again.

Cactus Plants Are Easy to Take Care Of If They’re Fed

Cactus are best in fertilizer of some kind. A 10-10-10 fertilizer provides it a balanced meal. In summer, fertilize lightly every time you water. Unlike other plants, cacti prefer to be fed in small doses. During winter, back off a little on how much you’re feeding it as this is a cactus plant’s natural rest period.

As most cactus admirers come to find out, it is much easier to take care of cactus plants when they are faux.

Cactus Plants Are Easy to Take Care Of in the Right Location

Cacti exist in the desert. They require a location that can duplicate – somewhat – hot, dry conditions. The more sun, the better as well. However, in the wrong location, cactus plants can burn.

What to search for is to avoid putting a cactus plant in the window. A south-facing window is recommended. How you know you’re getting it wrong is if the part of your cactus facing the sunlight starts to turn yellow or brown. It can happen.

Cactus Plants Are Easy to Take Care Of With the Right Soil

The most popular cactus plants in 2021 thrive on the right soil. Cactus needs soil that can drain excess H2O. This type of soil is sandier than regular potting soil. This often necessitates buying special cactus soil at a nursery, flower shop, or garden centre.

The wrong kind of soil poses all sorts of issues. Above all else, it could prevent drainage which potentially can kill your cactus.

Is A Faux Cactus Plant Better Than A Real Cactus?

Some of us don’t have the time to care for a real cactus. If that’s you, don’t fret. You don’t need to be an artificial plant expert to care for a faux plant. All they need is the occasional dusting.

Artificial cactus plants look real, feel real, and maintain their elegance long into the future. Hesitating to adopt a cactus is unnecessary when there are so many great fake cactus plants available.

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Andrew Lu