Plants are natural. They create excitement. They offer patterns not normally found in décor. Evergreen plants have a way of bringing life, color, and unique appeal into otherwise empty, sometimes dull areas of the home. This is why evergreen plants continue to be common after decades of popularity.

In the world of artificial plants, evergreens are also highly sought-after. Their ability to look real without trying has meant more or less all faux plant stores and stores selling fake plants online including them in their inventory. Faux evergreen does not need to be watered or pampered, unlike a real plant. They’re very easy to have and hold, without any daily care need above an occasional dusting. 

If you are looking to buy a faux plant, here are the best 7 stores selling artificial evergreen plants online.


Amazon has 1,000s of fake plants. The challenge is sorting through the less-than-desirable plants to find one that is in line with what you’re looking for. Amazon has some stunning artificial evergreen plants, if you search long enough for them. The ease of going through Amazon doesn’t require explanation but this is a major advantage for the brand and why a lot of shoppers gravitate here for their fake plant buying.

Home Depot

Home Depot doesn’t have a massive collection of fake plants but what they do have is commercially manufactured to be solid, reliable greenery. For decorators, Home Depot is a common go-to. You can bundle together a few of your favourite evergreen plants and others, crafting a centerpiece look that’s ready to fill your space with natural green charm.


Artiplanto equates to quality. When you buy a premium artificial plant from Artiplanto, you’re receiving exactly that. Detailed, handcrafted, and with extensive work done on the design of evergreen plants, there is no more realistic-looking artificial evergreen than the Artiplanto version. Perfect for a home office or a luxury home, search out premium plants from various families budget-friendly and quality all the way.


Wayfair doesn’t specialize in faux plants but they still offer scores of pretty faux flowers, artificial greenery, and yes, fake evergreen plants. Buying in bulk with Wayfair is probably best, as their pricing does vary and shipping adds onto that. The brand’s quality on their artificial plants is definitely good but they aren’t a premium brand. If you haven’t had fake plants before or are unfamiliar with home decor, Wayfair’s a site you can try because of the unique variety in home goods.


Wish is very hit-and-miss. Anyone who shops on Wish will tell you that much. They also aren’t a common place to go searching for faux plants. That said, they do have some evergreen plants worth a look. If you are looking to buy evergreen plants to use as arts and crafts or are alright having a plant that isn’t perfect in its detail, Wish might be the place where you find the most affordable price going.


IKEA has a lot of fun, out-of-the-box home décor to browse. Amongst those are faux evergreen plants. Though IKEA’s selection is limited, you won’t have any trouble finding an affordable evergreen that will last a lifetime. Their website is easy to browse and depending on the time of year, you can score a good sale on artificial plants and the like.


Michaels is an arts and crafts retail chain but for those that regularly walk into one, they will recognize that they have a surprisingly large and diverse artificial plant section. One of their popular faux plants is the evergreen, of course. Available year-round, as far as fake plants go, buying from Michaels will net you a fairly healthy-looking one with a real resemblance.

Andrew Lu