A fiddle leaf potted plant is one of those houseplants that remains incredibly popular. The fiddle leaf potted plant is frequently included on lists of the top home décor plants, Instagram faux plants, and more. For years, it’s a relied-upon must-have for proud plant parents and those decorating their home.

If you have the chance, going faux is recommended for most home décor and indoor plant selections. This applies to faux fiddle leaf potted plants, very advantageous in a lot of ways. Artificial fiddle leaf plants do not require any maintenance, will look their best year-round, and having a fake fiddle leaf circumvents the challenges of caring for a plant determined to be difficult. Real fiddle leaf plants often can be hard to care for.

For décor, always buy artificial. Here are the best 10 places to get a faux fiddle leaf potted plant online.


Wayfair specializes in home décor and home items. Their fiddle leaf plants are relatively pricey, however. They exist in an awkward middle ground where Wayfair artificial plants aren’t cheap enough to be a total bargain bin find yet aren’t high-quality enough to be considered ‘premium’.

The Sill

If you are searching for premium artificial plants like a faux fiddle leaf and others, try more specialized brands like The Sill. If you’re serious about faux plants, you’ve got to go with a high-quality source of plants rather than settling for the basics provided by retail and general eCommerce.


Amazon is very hit-and-miss when it comes to plants. You don’t want to rely on Amazon for anything more than convenience. If you need an okay-looking faux fiddle leaf potted plant quickly, you may find it here but it’s certainly not going to look as realistic as other brands.


IKEA has a very small selection of plants, including fiddle leaf potted plants. They may be a potential option if you enjoy shopping with IKEA.


Artiplanto offers one of the best selections of artificial plants online. Affordable and premium in quality, if you want the most realistic-looking faux fiddle leaf potted plant available, this is where you shop.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural offers over 1,000 faux plants to select from and unsurprisingly, the vast majority of them are far from the most real-looking artificial plants. That said, their selection is what gives Nearly Natural a unique advantage over stores like IKEA that don’t specialize.

World Market

World Market has a long list of artificial plants as well that can turn your home into the perfect paradise. Though World Market’s selection is impressive, they don’t quite have brands like Artiplanto beat when it comes to quality.


Afloral offers a mix of faux plants but they tend to specialize more in real flowers and plants. Collection of pressed flowers and dried floral arrangements are fun but you won’t find a high-quality faux fiddle leaf potted plant here that’s worth your time.


CB2 is a brand specializing in modern classics in fake plants and modern-minimalist faux arrangements. When it comes to an artificial fiddle leaf potted plant, they’re definitely worth checking out.


The last name on our list is Terrain. Here you can find precut faux branches, faux stems, and a complete faux fiddle leaf potted plant. Though they make for great home accents, you may discover other fiddle leaf plants are a better fit.

Andrew Lu