Rugs are a vibe-changer for any room. They can add color, atmosphere, and texture without taking up any space. An amazing piece of home décor, in a lot of spaces, rugs are an absolute essential.

The unfortunate thing about home décor rugs is that they’re often bought last and more or less fitted into an already existing room layout. It should ideally be the opposite though, with a rug being the first element you put in and building around that. There are many varied rug styles, approaches, and décor techniques you can use to feature a rug as a centerpiece or as a contributor. Regardless of how you use your rug, you’ve got to know where to shop to get a premium-quality rug that’s going to last you a lifetime.

Here are the best 7 places to order home décor rugs online. At each of them, buying a rug is simple, quick, and the shipping’s affordable. Check these out.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA offer some of the best sales on rugs that you will find. The quality does vary. That said, every kind of rug imaginable can be located here, from different sizes to styles, materials, and brands. It can be a little overwhelming for beginners but you won’t find a wider selection anywhere.


Wayfair does online furniture very well. In that, they offer popular rugs for every room in the home. There is a lot to sift through here and plenty of customer reviews on their products so it’s easy comparing and contrasting different rugs as well as seeing others’ experiences with them. Customers are also allowed to post photos so you can get a glimpse of what a real rug looks like beyond the obvious promo shots.


Ruggable has some stylish rugs that are all machine-washable. If you have young kids or pets and aren’t looking for a luxury rug or anything, Ruggable has some really affordable and quality options. They also have rugs of every size which is very advantageous for family homes with multiple rooms.

Home Depot

Home Depot isn’t just a DIY store. They also have some fairly nice rugs, from indoor and outdoor rugs to more stylish offerings made from jute and other materials. An advantage to going with Home Depot to buy a rug online is that they also have a great return policy in case you don’t enjoy it.

World Market

World Market has a lot of internationally-flavored rugs, with everything from classic jute to shag, vintage rugs, and cute, trendy rugs for home décor that are sure to make an impression. If you aren’t sure about your purchase with World Market, don’t worry either as you have almost 4 months to return it should you want to.


Artiplanto has a collection of exquisite luxury woven wool and linen rugs at great prices. From runners and area rugs to rugs of various sizes, there is a large selection to choose from. All cozy, warm, and quality-made, you can rely on Artiplanto rugs to keep your room centered and cohesive.


Ah, yes. Amazon is a relied-upon classic choice for buying rugs online. Some lack quality but overall, Amazon rugs are easy to order, fairly affordable, and have some very interesting textures. Be sure to sort through the customer reviews before you decide definitively on what to buy, however. Believe us when we say that past customers will let you know up front whether a rug is worth the buy or not.

Andrew Lu