A suitable style for your Florida home often will pull from modern trends, classic décor choices, and your unique preferences.

In buying a faux plant in Florida, you may already have an idea of where you want to put it. You’ve certainly got plenty of options, with plants being go-to décor for almost any room, including outdoors.

Here are 9 home décor tips for fake plants in Florida that can help inspire you with your greenery.

Hang Your Plants

A hanging artificial plant is a way to still enjoy greenery while saving on space. No matter how spacious your Florida home is, even a small condo can enjoy the look of an overflowing faux hanging plant.

Small Plants As A Table Centerpiece

If you have a large dining room table, a way to decorate is setting up a sequence of artificial plants. In a careful row or a half-circle, or in any intended arrangement, combined with other materials can really add a sense of something special here.

A Baby Succulent For Every Occasion

A small faux succulent, i.e. a cactus plant, is another small décor piece you can add to any bedroom, home office, kitchen, or dining room. Succulents are among the smallest artificial creations there is. Faux succulents can also be arranged and re-shaped to exactly how you prefer.

A Cute, Trendy Planter

Buy a planter online in a style of your choice. Modern mid-century. Minimalism. Brass. Natural planters. It’s your decision. Fill planters with greenery and other natural materials, a la stone, soil, moss, grasses, wood chips, metals, and any home décor that speaks to you.

Mix In Real Plants

There is no rule saying you can’t mix in real plants in between faux greenery. A lot of home decorators in Florida do it and guests can’t tell the difference.

Create A Window Box

A window box works as a sort of long, thin planter. You can fill it with artificial plants, vines, and flowers, and craft a totally one-of-a-kind arrangement. Just ensure you aren’t putting in cheap artificial plants prone to UV fading.

Create An Entranceway

Your entryway says a lot about your home. If you’re using faux plants for home décor, putting them around your entryway but still out of the way is warm, inviting, and visually interesting. A number of fake plants would work in this space, including large artificial trees.

Crafting An Indoor Garden

In the same way you might use an oversized planter to craft a little mini-garden, you can take things even larger with a garden bed or a corner table dedicated strictly to plants and faux greenery.

Setting Your Plants Outside

Yes, premium artificial plants can be used outdoors! You want to ensure they are waterproof, however. If you notice any wear-and-tear that you’re not comfortable with, bring your plants inside.

Whether you are setting up artificial plants on your backyard deck or have an idea for a houseplant, faux plants are the ultimate home décor solution in response to the disadvantages of real plants. Shop the best in artificial plants in Florida and buy online today from Artiplanto.com.
Andrew Lu