Faux plants are a trend millennials are embracing in huge numbers and rightfully so. We love artificial plants!

Though they may have carried a bad reputation in generations’ past, today’s buyers are recognizing the unique benefits of fake plants. They may not have a place in the plant kingdom but in interior decorating and interior design, they’re a major asset.

Today’s artificial plants are made from high-quality materials, handcrafted, and designed in extensive detail. They are realistic, long-lasting, and so convincing you may even find yourself wanting to water them. Here are a few things to remember when buying these amazing plant alternatives.

Faux Plants Are Durable

Fake plants come with a price tag. When you buy artificial plants though, they’re hardly as delicate as real plants.

Faux plants are very, very durable. They can withstand sun, no water, and are protected from diseases. You also guard against inviting pests into the home. With a fake plant, you get the good looks of real greenery with a level of durability and reliability in appearance that can’t be matched.

Faux Plants Are Cost-Effective

Live plants and gardens cost a lot. In time, effort, and money, there’s replacement cost, soil cost, and of course the upfront investment of the plant itself. It’s easy to spend $100s and see your expense go to waste a few months later when a plant dies.

A faux plant costs nearly the same and lasts infinitely longer than their live counterpart. A single purchase, you don’t spend over and over trying to keep something alive and looking its best. Swipe once, pick up your fake plant, and enjoy!

Faux Plants Are Very Low Maintenance

A lot of us are busy. Some of us have gardens, others don’t. Regardless of how skilled you are taking care of plants, the one thing that’s sure between all plant lovers, gardeners, and interior decorators is that greenery doesn’t always turn out as you hope.

One of the major benefits of faux plants is that there’s no struggle keeping them alive. No overwatering, no drying out. They’re just beautiful. You can go away on vacation and not have to worry about coordinating plant care with a neighbor. Finally, freedom!

Faux Plants Create Atmosphere, Vibes, and Good Looks

No one buys a fake plant just for the heck of it. You want it to look good! Artificial plants look incredibly real and always keep your space inviting, vibrant, and filled with the exact aesthetic you want.

The job you want an artificial plant to do is exactly what you get. Even a skilled gardener won’t be able to tell your fake plant isn’t real. Choose yours, set them up in a pleasing configuration, and you’re set. You don’t have to invest in any further care to maintain that look.

Faux Plants Are Versatile

Artificial plants fit anywhere – bookshelf, home theater systems, kitchen, bathroom, offices, outdoors, etc.

Mix them in with real plants. Create a garden of faux plants. Fill your office with something inspiring. It’s all in your hands. 

Faux plants thrive no matter where they’re put. If you want a room filled with wild fake plants, greenery, and succulents, you can have it. Choose your favourites today from the top artificial plant source in North America, ArtiPlanto.

andrew lu