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Article: Facts About Bird of Paradise Plants You Should Know

Facts About Bird of Paradise Plants You Should Know

Facts About Bird of Paradise Plants You Should Know

The Bird of Paradise is a regal, exquisite plant that requires full southern light exposure, temperature, and humidity to sustain itself.

In comparison, a fake Bird of Paradise plant provides all the look with none of the care requirements.

Regardless of what type of Bird of Paradise you’re looking for, here are some facts about this unusual tropical plant.

They Get Their Name from the Bird

Bird of Paradise plants produce orange flowers that look similar to the birds that the plant is named after. In fact, it was these crane-like orange flowers that taxonomists used to distinguish the Bird of Paradise by its name.

Bird of Paradise is a Type of Evergreen

Bird of Paradise is a species of tropical evergreen. It is native to South Africa. It is closely related to banana trees and Bird of Paradise plants are sometimes mistaken for them due to the close resemblance. 

It Does Not Flower Indoors

Technically, a Bird of Paradise can flower indoors but it is very rare. Due to the difficulty in care and them being native to South African conditions, most real Bird of Paradise plants in North America produce only the leaves and none of the flowers.

Bird of Paradise Have Split Leaves

To eliminate the risk of the wind catching a Bird of Paradise and snapping it, the plant evolved to produce tears in its leaves. These splits along the lateral seams allow wind to pass through with no issue. These lateral leaf tears are reproduced in fake Bird of Paradise plants as well.

The More Sun, the Better

Bird of Paradise thrive in a lot of sun. The more sun, the better. It thrives in strong sunlight conditions. The amount of sun this plant receives dictates how often to water it as well.

Flowers in Late Winter to Early Spring

Assuming a Bird of Paradise is able to get enough sun and the conditions are just right, its eye-catching flowers will present usually in late winter through to early spring. This only occurs in specific areas of the continent, unfortunately, as a Bird of Paradise is a very finicky plant and one that isn’t easy to maintain.

Bird of Paradise Are Poisonous

To dogs and cats, a real Bird of Paradise is poisonous. They should not eat it. This is all the more reason to try to find a fake plant as opposed to the real thing. Artificial plants protect against accidental consumption by pets.

Don’t Water Too Much, Don’t Water Too Little

Underwatering this type of plant is common and can result in leaves turning brown, crispy leaf edges, wilting leaves, or curling leaves. Overwatering, however, is also possible with a Bird of Paradise and can cause root disease, rotting, and yellowing of the leaves.

1 Metre in Height

A healthy Bird of Paradise plant will grow to a height of between 1 and 1.5 metres. Its spread ultimately is no more than a metre itself.

ArtiPlanto offers premium-made, handcrafted fake Bird of Paradise plants. Artificial and built to last decades, this is the best way to keep the look of your Bird of Paradise alive, flourishing, and vibrant. This way, you don’t have to constantly be focusing on how much sunlight, water, and temperature it’s receiving. Your ArtiPlanto Bird of Paradise will always look its splendid best!

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