Are you looking for environmentally-friendly rugs that have been produced using sustainable materials – you’ve found them!

The conservation and protection of our environment are no doubt a priority for many. With rug-making, we see a trend in eco-friendly home décor that continues to live on as materials see reuse, recycling, and repurposing.

Ideally, when you buy a linen or wool rug, it’s not going to be something you use once and disregard afterward.

Of course, that matters heavily on the material a rug is made from. A rug from Walmart or similar retailers are often low-to-medium quality and don’t quite hit the mark on long-term use. A commercially-manufactured rug may be an effective choice for a time but inevitably a replacement is needed due to wear-and-tear.

Shop Premium Linen And Wool Rugs

Premium materials such as linen and wool rugs offered from a brand you trust is how to shop sustainable rugs.

Linen and wool last a very long time. They make up a product that can be preserved, reused several times, and which isn’t your average disposable rug or carpeting.

In some cases, the linen or wool has even been recycled from other sources. Antique-style rugs are notorious for using old clothing and/or recycled fabrics. Even if a rug of this type isn’t made from recycled linen or wool, you can rest assured that with most premium handmade vintage rugs, they have been culled from eco-sustainable sources.

Extremely popular in today’s home décor and interior design, area rugs are available in various shapes and sizes. Rugs are just as much a magnificent work of art as they are an item that’s functional to a space. They do serve a purpose, offering warmth, style, direction, and more.

What is the Environmental Impact of Rugs?

The environmental impact of a rug is largely positive. It is a savvy, eco-friendly choice for consumers that want to prioritize recycling and reuse.

When it comes to linen rugs, know that linen is highly biodegradable. Made from plant fibers, linen’s a very strong material and able to withstand a lot. Then, when it’s time, it biodegrades. Disappearing into nature, linen is a perfect fabric to make rugs from.

Furthermore, for a plant to produce linen, the flax plant does not take much energy, water, or resources.

When it comes to wool rugs, it is also evidently a material that is natural, renewable, and has a manufacturing process that causes no harm to the environment. Like linen, wool is very biodegradable and recyclable.

Even as tech advances and new materials are produced seemingly yearly, linen and wool maintain their place as supremely eco-friendly rug-making materials. For brands like Artiplanto, they remain a go-to for sustainable rug production.

We all have the opportunity to make eco-friendly purchasing choices for our home décor. Although linen and wool are hardly the only fabrics to be sustainably-produced, they are a gold standard for us. Rest assured any rug you buy from Artiplanto has been made using the best available materials and methods, tested to ensure they are as sustainable and eco-friendly as is possible. Shop linen and wool rugs today from Artiplanto.
andrew lu