Real plants are risky. As simple as they look, plants are fairly complicated organisms requiring sunlight, temperature, water, and nutrition to survive. Especially once you start mixing multiple plants together in the same garden, each one may very well require something different.

If you’re struggling to hold together a garden of real plants, try some of these fake plants from Artiplanto.

You’d be surprised at how true-to-life these designs look. Even better, you can fit them all in the same space without issue. They will always look their absolute best regardless of where they’re nestled.

Agave Plant

A faux agave plant doesn’t require you to have a green thumb for its upkeep. For busy professionals and people who aren’t at home as much as they’d like to be to care for their greenery, try an artificial agave plant. 

Rubber Plant

A fake rubber plant is a great choice for a planter indoors. A rubber plant has a shine and deep green to it that is easily appreciated. Putting your faux plant where it can reflect a little natural sunlight, you can watch as it livens up and adds to the look of your room.

Hanging Plants

There are various types of hanging plants. From thin and lively to luscious and lovely, the advantage to hanging plants is they can be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted and take up virtually no space.

Spathiphyllum Leaf Plant

A spathiphyllum leaf plant is a popular indoor houseplant. With its big deep green leaves, it’s a tree that’s all stem and leaf with little bark. The spathiphyllum leaf plant is perfect for those with concerns about their ability to manage real plants.

Evergreen Plant

An artificial evergreen plant is a very pretty green houseplant for indoors and outdoors alike. There are many types of indoor fake plants, with evergreen being one of the popular houseplants, indisputably equal in prestige to tropical potted plants.

Bamboo Plant

A Korea bamboo plant brings a fresh feel to any room with pretty green flowers and easily bendable stems to manufacture the precise shape you want from your artificial tree. Fits well within any décor theme.

Fake Flower Bouquets

Though most go searching artificial plants for tabletop greenery and the like, faux flower arrangements and fake flower bouquets are also highly popular for their color. Mix them in alongside your best fake plants.

Travellers Palm Tree Plant

A travellers palm tree isn’t your average palm. Its large leaves are tropically-designed but the plant creates a larger footprint than a smaller palm. If you have the space with some room to spread out a plant, try a travellers palm.

Hawaii Kwai Palm Tree Plant

This is a much more standard palm tree. Large, heavy stems with thin, long leaves growing out from the center, this palm tree speaks of summer, warm weather, and outdoor gatherings alongside your best family and friends.

Any of these fake plants will keep you happy for years to come. Curate the exact feel of an indoor garden without any of the commitment or risk of plants dying. Green up your home with high-quality plants at the ready. Find all these detailed premium-made artificial plants from Artiplanto today.
andrew lu